Ultimate Guide to Android Application Builders

Ultimate Guide to Android Application Builders

Thanks to technology, it is possible to strengthen your business through mobile applications. Nowadays most people have in their hands, some personal smartphone through which they interact in their daily activities.

It is at this moment that the opportunity is generated for companies to get closer to their customers and develop a new sales channel.

All this thanks to the fact that a large part of the daily activities are carried out by means of a mobile device: whether it is paying in a restaurant, buying plane tickets, recording or sharing moments and the acquisition of various products.

In short, technology is changing the way things are done, and it is therefore essential that companies are able to adapt to these changes. We show you the main reasons why having a mobile application is vital for your company and the importance of an Android application generator, the best app generators to make your project a reality, among others.

Android app generator, a wise decision

If you want to create your application, but don’t have the necessary programming knowledge, an Android application generator would definitely be your best choice.

Today it is possible to find different modular systems to create your own app. However, many of these systems cannot be used for free, compared to what happens in Apple’s or Google’s IDE.

Most of these tools have a funding model, which is based on the cancellation of monthly fees, either for the use of the program to host the final app and in some cases, commercially distribute the application, which generally must be paid separately.

Similarly, there is the possibility to test and design the app without costs, only cancel at the time of publishing the application.

What can you achieve with an Android app generator?

In general terms, they represent the ideal solution for apps with a large weight of text and image. For this reason, they are mostly considered as an excellent option for medium or small organizations and companies; which would like to inform about services, products or certain topics through an application.

Some of these programs even allow you to create a shopping app. The features of many of these technology solutions also include push notifications and RSS feeds that are perfect for an event or news app, as well as the integration of the camera with certain limitations or geotargeting functions.

Unlike an app maker, which does not allow to add functionalities known from other apps (microphone, camera or Bluetooth, for example). But, when possible, it is done with important limitations.

Another feature that hardly supports, is the use of acceleration sensors of video games or mobile devices.

How does a maker app work?

The fact that an application builder offers a smaller range of functions in an integrated environment is something that should not surprise us, since the options they offer in terms of design are definitely chains of commands established in each programming language.

By means of the graphical user interface, the modular design programs offer to the users who do not know about programming, certain commands of the language in addition to its components. Also, these systems have certain actions for the construction of an app.

When we refer to a modular design system, it is like talking about a travel guide that concentrates the most significant phrases and words of the language belonging to the region where you are traveling.

Such a pattern is quite useful for communication in some situations, but exceeding the event will be too complicated to communicate through that language.

In the same way, these programs have different instructions that can be used without being familiar with the programming language, since the fundamental commands are generated by the user interface through “drag and drop” and are implemented by the system without the need to do anything else.

Therefore, because an app builder simply uses part of the vocabulary of a language or only certain commands have been structured in the interface, then the functions available to the user are limited.

6 generators of applications to carry out a project

Next, we show you some details of 6 application generators, which are programs exclusively for the implementation of native mobile apps in Android and also in iOS, using the browser.

Although we must add that some programs also facilitate the development of web applications. It is possible to find these tools in a great variety of prices, widening the options to choose between different models, depending on the cases.

Although we also include a completely free system, with certain variants such as for example have push messages, which generates an increase in the monthly fee. Choosing the best tool for your project depends mostly on the functions that the app needs.

The options we show you below, facilitate the integration in the app the various social networks or implement SoundCloud and YouTube (live viewing tools), which can be downloaded for free before canceling any subscription. Let us now look at the differences that exist between each of the 6 options.


This great creator of Android applications and also iOS, is able to support systems such as BlackBerry and Windows.

One of the main differences is that it has an additional function that serves to recognize different components of a website by copying them into the application, we refer to “Wizard”.

This function is very useful in cases where the website has elements that are thematically identical to the elements of the app; since the system downloads and imports them into the application.

In addition, this amazing tool offers a variety of design themes in addition to its easy-to-use functions and clear display.

AppMachine also offers revenue generation through in-app advertising. But all this requires a price to be paid, which is why AppMachine is one of the most cost-conscious programs.


If the creation of the application is for the eCommerce sector, the Android Como DIY application generator is probably the best solution.

It offers a great variety of options for the creation of apps for online stores, facilitating the integration in the app of platforms such as Shopify, Magento or Etsy.


This Android app generator stands out, mainly because by creating a native app it is possible to get a web page and a web app in parallel.

The three versions have identical content, but adjusted to different formats and automatically synchronized changes.

AppYourself is perfect mainly for companies that do not have a website with content for future application. It offers an excellent editor, which you can use easily, although the design options are more limited compared to other systems.

AppYourself does not allow to add in the application advertising, for this reason is not an option to generate revenue.


This Android and iOS application generator is a good solution, thanks to the design options it offers, it allows you to choose from an interesting variety of topics and with a fairly professional look, it is possible to make modifications to suit your requirements.

Some less common features such as: iBeacon and Geofencing stand out among its features. In addition, it facilitates the collaboration of different developers, it is possible to assign a specific role to each of those involved, as a user or administrator.

But they don’t have the online store function, so this Android app generator is not ideal for a shopping app. In this type of case the ideal would be to integrate other platforms into the application, such as Amazon or Shopify.


It is one of the few module programs where you can create a native application and distribute it for free. Mobincube has a simple version with certain themes and functions, but includes advertising.

The presence of this advertising makes it possible to generate revenue, because this Android application builder has its own advertising network, which adds ads in the app and through the clicks, the owner receives a commission.

As for the paid version of Mobincube, it is possible to deactivate the advertising option and its price is quite competitive. By accessing the paid version you can use a wide variety of themes and features.


It is worth highlighting several aspects of this interesting Android application generator: the system offers social media functions to make a community of its own, developed specifically for the app.

Another aspect is related to the large number of advertising networks to implement in different ways in-app advertising. Without forgetting that it is a highly effective tool and very simple to use.

In general, Shoutem allows you to create applications thanks to its powerful platform. Not only can you create applications easily, the process is quite pleasant thanks to its excellent drag and drop function.

This Android app generator is also great for creating iOS apps, you don’t need to have advanced coding skills.

You can take advantage of its incredible features of e-commerce, loyalty, news, social and offers. This system provides users with a comprehensive solution for different types of apps, in addition to the white label agency panel.

What do you think of this guide? Surely it will support you to get the best benefits by creating an Android app with some of these technological tools.

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