Tutorial to create an android app online

Tutorial to create an android app online

There are probably several reasons to decide to start creating an Android application online: you have an excellent idea and you are sure that it will be successful within the application market.

You want to increase your business sales or visits to your website, you want to improve the experience of your customers and seek through this channel more feedback or simply want to experiment with the creation of applications for mobile devices.

Regardless of the main reason for generating an online app, you may not know how to start this process, you may not have some knowledge about programming and you do not know how to create applications from scratch with certain programs.

To make the process easier we will avoid focusing on specific studies, we simply show you the first steps so you can develop your applications and be successful.

How do I create an Android application online?

Dare to create an Android application online, as it is a process that can be quite simple as long as you take into account some recommendations that we show you in simple steps.

Step 1 to create an online Android application

You need to answer the following questions:

  • Do you really need this application? Or do you just want to create it because it’s a current trend.
  • Will your website or business receive any benefit from it?
  • Does it really benefit your customers?

After answering these questions, it is essential that you study the market in detail, and then invest money and time in creating an online app. Remember to choose an excellent idea, in case it exists then you can improve it.

Analyze very well the functionalities and the design, that is to say, study the form in which you want that it is the application. You can make a diagram, sketch, drawing or any other tool so that you can clearly visualize on the paper.

After you’ve got the idea right, it’s time to start the adventure of creating an Android application online. Currently there are different ways that can be quite useful for you.

Step 2 to create an app

Before choosing the techniques or methods, it is necessary that you have very clear, the amount of money that you are willing to invest.

It is best to choose a free option to create your online app. In addition, you need to keep in mind that these methods require patience and time.

Step 3 learn the main tools for creating applications

To create an application in a simple way, it is necessary to choose one of the different platforms designed for this purpose, which allow any user without programming knowledge, to develop applications for free for the popular operating system.

Before choosing one of these platforms, it is necessary that you know what the advantages and disadvantages are.

Within the advantages we can emphasize that it is the least expensive form of all, it does not require to have previous complex knowledge, the tools are easy to use and very intuitive, in addition it is quite standardized.

As for the disadvantages we can point out that these tools are generally used to create simple applications, ie applications with functions nothing complex. They are probably quite limited, especially if you want to create an Android application online out of the ordinary and don’t know how to modify code.

Better tools for creating Android applications online

Let’s take a look at the best tools so you can generate apps for mobile devices without any problems.


Through this tool you can easily generate Android, desktop or iOS applications. This platform is widely used by institutions and companies such as NASA, Adobe, IBM or HP, etc.. Basic4Android has a free version that you can try whenever you want.

App Inventor

This online platform is excellent for learning how to make applications in a few hours. App Inventor enables the creation of third-party applications. It offers quite simple English tutorials and you can choose between different levels of difficulty. Available for Android operating system only.


It is focused on developing applications to publish them in the Google Play Store and also App Store. The tool has a free version that offers several functionalities to create an app: users-customers, complete source code, offline mode, among others.


This is the right tool if you want to easily create any mobile application. It requires no payment and no coding. You simply need to create the app, download it, distribute it and finally monetize it. Follow the simple AppsGeyser tutorials step by step.


With this tool you can do it all yourself, is one of the main pages with which you can learn in 20 minutes to create an application.

If you choose a monthly plan for a small amount, you will have the opportunity to develop an application available around the world. You can share and use images, videos or podcasts within this tool. Then you can monetize the app and monitor its performance through analytics.


Appsbar allows you to develop multiplatform apps, both in Android and Windows operating systems. To start creating your app with this tool, you must first choose the right business application from all the options.

Then simply design it and apply the visualization according to your preferences. Learn how to share the application with others, after watching the video tutorial.

Tools to create an Android application online in minutes

The creation of apps for mobile devices does not require much time and requires little effort, as it is now also possible to find different alternatives to create an application in minutes.

Benefits and disadvantages of this type of tools

The applications are simple to use and quite intuitive, the development requires less time, include a structure and templates to follow.

As for the disadvantages of this type of tools: they have basic functions and only work for simple applications; this type of platforms are not ideal for complicated applications or those that need some modification of code.


If you’re looking to create and design native Android apps, be sure to try this tool. You can access the free 30-day trial mode, create an application and then integrate it with push notifications.

The main advantage that this tool offers you is that its card can integrate SEO optimization, to boost the positioning when looking for apps similar to the one you have created in different stores.


It is the perfect tool to learn how to develop an application. You only need to choose a mobile template, then edit the application and finally connect the application to the different stores.

You don’t need to do any encoding and it’s supported by different operating systems. You will only need a few minutes to choose one of the templates based on the type of business.


You can create in this web tool your application intuitively for free, no programming required. Mobincube highlights the multiplatform system for both Android and iOS devices.

You just need to register, create the application and edit it. Similarly, if you prefer you can cancel someone inside the tool to take care of the creation and design of your application.


It is a platform to create enterprise applications or small businesses, preferably. You can choose between the different templates, the one that best fits the business area you belong to.

Simply create an account and start designing the app, drag and drop the elements. If you wish, you can integrate message programs, loyalty, among others.

White Rhino

Another excellent tool that you can take into account is Swiftic, through this app creator you can create the name of the application, create the desired content and choose the template according to the type of business. Within this tool you will find various categories where you can locate your mobile app.


Appypie allows you to create online apps quickly and without programming codes. Through this website you can organize applications using their software, choose the desired category and application template. You can see how the application is developed using this simple three-step system in an intuitive way.

App Institute

If you want to design a mobile app for your business, but don’t have much time available, let the App Institute do it for you.

It uses a quite intuitive application builder, where you simply have to move objects. The App Institute offers an excellent technical support system through chat and its construction is completely free.

First you need to register, then choose the template and then work on it, finally publish your application in the shops.

Hire a professional

Today there is no special profession for the creation of applications. If you find some of these free tools somewhat complicated, you also have the option of investing in application creation. It is a good choice to have the advice of a programmer.

In this case you can hire a freelancer or FreeLancer to provide this type of service. Although you probably dare and decide to start creating an online app, choosing one of the free options.

One topic that is booming is the development of applications, for this reason programmers who specialize in applications for mobile devices are currently in high demand.

As you could see, we show some previous steps for the creation of Android online applications, as well as different tools and the best known for the development of quite functional applications. You can choose when you want the one that best suits your requirements, start developing successful applications and monetize or distribute them.

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