Things to consider before buying an Android smartwatch

After you’ve decided to buy an Android smartwatch, you probably have some difficulty choosing the best option, as you don’t want to make a mistake when you buy your smartwatch.

To make the choice faster and without complications, it is necessary to take into consideration the right information, that’s why we show you some aspects that you should not forget when choosing an Android smartwatch.

Here we show you a simple guide on the most important aspects when choosing a smartwatch, either to give to someone important or to use it, we are sure that this information will be supportive when buying a smartwatch.

Each of these aspects to consider are important, within these aspects is the price, an important detail in which you can be more flexible when choosing the right watch.

When it comes to compatibility: it’s essential that the smartphone is compatible with your smartphone, otherwise it won’t work normally.

In general terms, the most relevant aspects to consider when choosing an intelligent watch are the following: price, operating system, compatibility, functionalities, battery, display and design. Let’s look at each of these aspects in detail.

The price of the Android smartwatch

One of the most important aspects is the price, this is basically because most users tend to have a somewhat rigid budget to stick to. Although it is fundamental to know that, within certain limits, there are other details of greater relevance than the price to consider when purchasing a smart Android watch.

When it comes to price, it’s best to choose a smartwatch that fits your needs, it’s a mistake to buy a cheap Android smartwatch because it probably doesn’t meet your expectations.

You need to answer the following question: What use would the smartwatch have? For this reason, if you have a somewhat frightened budget, it is best to carefully analyze the other aspects and make a sensible choice.

Although price is an important aspect, in most cases it is not a big problem. A mid-range Android smartwatch can have an acceptable price, something similar to the line of classic watches manufactured simply to give the time.

It is even possible to find an intelligent watch at a lower cost than many classic watches. The important thing is that the smartwatch fits your needs.

Compatibility, a key aspect when choosing a smartwatch

Another important aspect to consider is the compatibility of the smartwatch. Both the mobile device and the smartwatch must be compatible. In such a way that communication between the smartwatch and the mobile device is possible.

In addition to getting the most out of the functions of the smartwatch, it would otherwise simply serve to see the time.

In the current market you can find smartwatches that are compatible with mobile phones in different versions Android, but also some versions of iOS. Probably in the short term, we can also access smartwatches for Windows devices.

Operating system

In this section it is essential to mention the operating systems available in smartwatches.

Although today different brands use their own operating system, specially developed for their mobile devices, from the moment Google made its operating system available to manufacturers, daily increase intelligent watch models that have the operating system Wear OS.

An Android smartwatch in addition to being perfectly understood with an Android mobile device, these modern accessories include interesting technologies that increase the interest in acquiring an intelligent watch model with this operating system.


Recently, some smartwatches simply included basic functions, such as displaying incoming calls, social network notifications, or email.

But today some models have evolved, we can even find models that play music, make calls, check calendar, receive and read SMS, heart rate monitor, applications for caloric count, among others.

In this case we refer again to the smartwatches with Android, since they stand out remarkably its different functionalities.

Battery in the Android smartwatch

When it comes to the battery, we don’t have much to talk about it, just what your common sense suggests: if the battery lasts longer, it’s better; since it wouldn’t make sense to carry around a charger for the smartwatch or to keep your wrist tied with uncomfortable cables.

Most commonly, the batteries in the Android smartwatch last between one and two days. Some models of smartwatches from other brands the battery life time vary between two and five days.

In the same way, you also have other options available, you can find analog clocks that have intelligent functionalities.


It’s an aspect that doesn’t seem to matter, but we can’t deny that most things come in through the eyes. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to wear a watch on your wrist that you don’t like, so design is key when it comes to choosing an Android smartwatch.

Manufacturers are aware of this important detail, which is why in today’s market it is possible to choose high quality models in design and with first class materials.

Another important detail in this section is the watertightness. You need to pay attention to splash-resistant smartwatch models, as a submersible smartwatch is not the same as a splash-resistant watch.

It is possible to find nowadays submersible smartwatches with IP67 watertightness, designs that can be submerged up to 1 meter of depth, but it is necessary that it is fresh water and the smartwatch does not stay inside the water for a lapse greater than 30 minutes.

Regarding the weight of an Android smartwatch, it is a detail that often goes unnoticed, but if you have a wrist too thin, the weight is an aspect that you must take into account.

Despite this, the weight ranges of intelligent watches make this factor irrelevant in the choice of the appropriate watch.

Today you can choose models that vary between square and round shapes. A smart Android square watch, it has a look that comes closer to technological gadgets than even true clock.

Unlike intelligent round watches whose appearance is quite similar to a sports watch.

How to choose the Android smartwatch?

You have been able to see in detail each of the aspects that we consider significant when choosing an intelligent watch, but in the end the decision remains entirely on your part.

Similarly, it is essential to define what your minimum needs are, since you probably have a gadget that does not meet your expectations or does not have the features that suit your tastes or preferences.

Applications for your Android smartwatch

Most of the best smartwatches generally use Wear OS as their operating system. System that was previously known as Android Wear, thanks to this system, you can access a variety of applications to get the most out of your smartwatch.

That’s why we show you some of the essential and interesting applications. Nowadays applications of this type not only allow to show notifications on the screen, they have evolved significantly and it is possible to find truly valuable apps.

App Glide

Did you ever dream of making a video call on your Android smartwatch, this probably seems like a futuristic option. Fortunately you can make video calls thanks to this application.

Glide requires pairing with the application for the mobile device, after making the pairing you will have the opportunity to see and receive avoid messages directly on your clock.

If the Android smartwatch has a camera with microphone, it is possible to videoconference with audio recordings from the wrist.

Wear Audio Recorder

Wear Audio Recorder allows you to take express mental notes or record a conversation. This application is fully compatible with the Wear OS operating system.

Through the application you can make the audio recordings you want, directly from the Android smartwatch.


Through the Telegram application you will be able to send instant messages, check chat history, stickers, you will also be able to create the groups you want, among others.

This application is definitely one of the best options in instant messaging, as the app has a version for Android Wear 2.0.


It is another application that probably interests you as an alternative to Google Fit, is one of the applications preferred by users to download on a smartwatch, you can find it in the Play Store.

Strava works as a stand-alone application on the Android Wear 2.0 operating system. It’s an excellent choice for controlling any sporting activity on your smartwatch.

Wear Mini Launcher

A must-have app for your Android smartwatch is Wear Mini Launcher. It’s perfect for the Wear Os operating system. Through this application it is possible to navigate faster: you don’t need to pass 1 by 1 the applications, since it organizes them in a quite practical hexagonal panel.

In addition, this application allows you to access certain options in settings, such as alarms, adjust brightness only with swipe or sliding.

Infinity Loop

Surely you have already tried all the advantages of Infinity Loop on your mobile device, do not fail to live the best experience with this addictive puzzle on Android Wear.

Although certain games designed for smartwatches suffer from the limited space on the watch face, Infinity loop does not have this problem as it fits perfectly. The perfect application to test your mind in those boring moments.

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