The best security applications for Android

The best security applications for Android

We can not deny that Android is the widely used mobile operating system, for this reason Google becomes one of the first targets of hackers seeking to make profits through some oversight.

Although it is true that the operating system itself currently incorporates its security system, it is possible to find a wide variety of security applications in Google play, which allow you to add additional protection to your mobile devices, which is why this type of tools are widely recommended.

Below we show you in detail some of the best security applications for Android that are really effective, you can choose the tool that best suits your requirements.

Android Security

it is quite normal that when doing any search in Google of some tool to safeguard the information in our mobile phone, that we find some antimalware and antivirus; which represents a great problem since some of the security applications for Android are reduced in antimalware and antivirus.

Fortunately we can now find several apps that are very useful for the security of your smartphone. That’s why we chose the most popular Android security applications today based on the opinions of the majority of users.

Password Managers

At this stage you have probably come to use some password manager for the secure storage of each of your important keys, in addition to generating other more complicated passwords.

You can find dozens of applications of this type for the security of Android, some of these tools are free and others require the cancellation of a fee. Each of these applications is perfectly adapted to the needs of all kinds of users.


LastPass is one of the leaders in password management as it is one of the most popular and comprehensive we can find today. It is an excellent technique to generate and store passwords widely used, LastPass facilitates the storage of all types of keys securely using a master password, and depending on the needs is able to generate new passwords completely secure and shielded against threats.

Thanks to this method you can store PINs, website keys and all kinds of private data. LastPass allows to protect the passwords in the application by means of a key chosen by the user.

But the most important thing about LastPass is that the passwords are kept in the same place, totally away from third parties. We invite you to try all the advantages offered by this security tool for Android.


BitWarden is an excellent alternative, which stands out for being open source. This tool allows the storage of all data related to your accounts, including passwords and usernames, within an unknown vault linked through all your mobile devices.


Although Myki is a little known app unlike those described above, in the same way. It is one of the most recommended applications.

It is an excellent password manager, which in addition to original is quite safe to use. Basically because Myki is a military grade Android security application. In addition, linking is done through the telephone number, facilitating its offline operation.


is one of the apps to store and generate passwords, is part of the most popular applications of this type.

Dashlane is a very versatile tool which provides a variety of functionalities to protect all your keys. For this reason, be part of this list with the best security applications for Android.


1Password is one of the most secure tools for Android and one of the most advanced that you can find today, includes several functions which serve to safeguard all authentication information of your accounts, personal data and bank data. You only have to keep in mind that this security tool has a cost.


Finally we have the Remembear application, which despite having been recently launched has managed to remain among the best security managers for Android.

This password manager is simple to use and bets on simplicity, these features are easy to detect when visualizing the design of the application. Despite its simplicity, Remembear offers a set of features and functions similar to those of other platforms of this type.

Two-Step Verification Apps

In addition to using a password manager, two-step verification needs to be enabled on key profiles and accounts.

To simplify the use of this security technique, it is possible to find applications capable of generating new keys at every opportunity you want to authenticate, so that an additional layer of security is added to the login.

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is a fairly simple official app, which concentrates everything you need when you want to authenticate securely on favorite services and platforms.

This application simply links the account, it is responsible for activating the verification in two steps, appearing the codes in the application.


Another good alternative is Authy, is characterized by its simplicity to use, in addition to being multiplatform.

All this thanks to the fact that it is possible to protect the codes with a password or fingerprint at all times.

Microsoft Authenticator

is an excellent method of authentic and in two steps, quite similar to the one offered by Google. Microsoft Authenticator is simple to use, its design is complete and clean and takes care of protecting all codes and accounts.

Applications to find stolen mobiles

it is possible to have some of the applications that facilitate the location of any smartphone in a simple way, make it sound or block it.

Find a Google Device

Usually the simplest way to locate an Android computer is through the Google app. It’s automatically associated with your Google user account, and you don’t need to install the application on your device to find it.


One of the most complete anti-theft applications is Cerberus. This application allows you to remotely lock, locate or control the device. In addition, it offers some added functions, such as, for example: identification of the possible thief by means of the camera of the device.

Prey Anti-Theft

If you have doubts about the functioning of the previous application, you also have the option of Prey Anti-Theft. A great security tool for Android and that’s why we recommend it.

It stands out for being a quite complete application which facilitates the Lucas session and tracking of any stolen or lost Android mobile.

Other security tools for Android

Currently we can find other security suites for Android, are the best options in terms of preservation and security of your private data.

These applications are not part of the previous apps, but in the same way some of these apps should be installed in your Android terminal. Below you can see other recommended Android security applications. Faster & Safer Internet

Is a simple security tool for Android that after installing it performs the configuration of the DNS address in the Android mobile. The MS address is focused on privacy and speed, so it’s worth using this security tool.

Google Intra

Google is an application to keep all types of users safe from censorship on the web. This tool is in charge of avoiding that they manipulate the MS that certain organizations and governments carry out on mobile phones.


through this application you can have your privacy totally controlled, since this tool does not register Internet traffic and allows you to operate your own server. Thanks to strong encryption, you can protect your privacy when communicating.


although Android management is excellent in terms of permissions, it is always possible to improve this type of management. Through the Bouncer application you can have better control of the permissions of the applications, so that you can deliver specific privileges on a temporary basis.

Firefox Focus

Mozilla Firefox is a browser that has always focused on security and diversity of users.

Similarly, the company behind Mozilla Firefox later develops Focus, which is a limited version of the browser that blocks website crawlers and prevents the user’s browsing history and information from being stored.

Tor Browser

although this application is in alpha phase at present is considered as one of the safest browsers for Android.

Thanks to Tor Browser you will be able to connect to the magnificent Tor network to browse the Internet in a completely private way, avoiding the storage of private data by websites and blocking crawlers. We invite you to try this security option for Android.


is a great application that makes the most of each of the resources of Android mobiles, to modify any mobile device in a complete surveillance suite.


is a pretty useful application and the best part is that it’s completely free. ProtonVPN has a non-registration policy and also does not share quite strict, in addition to having network encryption.

Allowing you to navigate safely, as the navigation will be completely anonymous. You don’t have to worry because no record will be stored.

Finally, we can add that it is essential that you take into account that you can also fricatively improve the security for Android on your computer manually, ie, you can protect all your private information by acting cautiously and complement with a specific application.

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