The best apps for tracking dogs from Android

The best apps for tracking dogs from Android

For any human being, dogs are considered one of the best and closest companies. Basically, because these animals have evolved to make us happy, they are also close relatives of the wolves.

For this reason, the world of applications adjusted to this reality, has been concerned to develop a wide variety of applications for these canine pets, which serve as support in various aspects related to the life of the dog.

Here you can see a complete selection of options, which will allow you to choose the Android tracking application that best suits your requirements. If you love having a pet do not hesitate to provide the best technology to ensure its development and daily development.

Perfect Dog Free

For those users who are looking for an Android tracking application that is quite complete and has the important information related to their pet, Perfect Dog Free is the perfect app for your requirements.

This application concentrates all the information related to the different breeds of dog that can be found today.

The use of this tool is intuitive, not only will you have the ability to search the breed to which your dog belongs and all the information, thanks to this tracking application for Android daily you can learn some new and interesting things.

Through Perfect Dog Free you will be able to perform countless intelligent searches, as well as store important data related to different aspects of your pet. Perfect Dog Free is an excellent application and is available for Android and iOS devices.

Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is an app developed by the American Red Cross, thought to share expert veterinary advice and other aspects related to your pet’s daily emergencies.

The best thing about this app is that it has quite simple questionnaires, noodles and advice that will serve as support in difficult times to attend as best as possible to your pet.

Through this Android app, you’ll be able to receive behavioral counseling, medications, and suggestions on how to act in disaster events.

In addition, Pet First Aid shows you the veterinary clinics that are available in your area, and you can learn about first aid at more than 20 possible events that your pet may be involved in.

Pet First Aid also allows you to customize the profile of your pet, you can set appointments to the vet. Not forgetting that this Android tracking application is also available for iOS devices.

Dog Whistler

Dog Whistler is one of the most popular applications today. This great tracking application for Android focuses on the common dog training whistle, the sound of which is virtually unappreciated by the human ear, but works perfectly for training and supervising dogs.

Thanks to this application you will be able to choose the frequency range between 80Hz and 20000Hz. Simply add the frequency manually or swipe with your finger. If you want you can also choose between different sounds.

While it is true that training your dog not only requires the whistle, there is no denying that this application is very useful. It is the perfect complement for canine training.

By combining this application with some methods and adding a little patience, you will be able to train your pet in no time.

Dog Whistler is an application that is available for Android devices and you can download it for free.


Thanks to the use of this application you can make a kind of primer for your dog, even works perfectly for cats. Inside the booklet will be vaccinations, dog data, photography, as well as information on owners, among others.

If you lose your pet, the application automatically sends a photo of the dog and the place where it was lost to people who are in that place.

For users with a tendency to forget things, uPet is an excellent tracking application for Android, as it facilitates the creation of an agenda for your dog, in order to remind you of important events, such as, for example: the date of vaccination, when deworming, appointment for control in the vet, etc..

The application also serves to find the pet through a plate made of aluminum that carries the pet. This aluminum plate allows you to track the way by sending the owner the location where the dog is.

If you want you can download this app for free, just keep in mind that this tracking application for Android is not available for other types of devices.

PetMaster Pro

It probably seems strange to hear that there are some things your pet has to do, it really is not. Of course, your dog has things to do and that’s why the PetMaster Pro tracking application for Android has been created.

Among the functions of this application, include a calendar where it is possible to take note of each of the activities your pet has to do, for example: bathing days, veterinary control, among others.

Thanks to this application you will be able to keep track of the dose of medication, write down the name of their vaccines and the date that the dose was applied. PetMaster Pro also allows you to locate the appropriate vaccines or medications to keep your dog strong and healthy.

If your pet has an allergy to any food, in this Android tracking application you can write it down and make an appointment reminder to the vet, PetMaster Pro reminds you precisely to inform the vet about the allergy, so that the pet can be treated properly.

In addition, you can add information related to walks, appointments to the veterinarian, scheduling surgeries, training and canine girls.

PetMaster Pro is an excellent application and tracker for Android, including Tablet and smartphone.

Pro Plan P5 Dog Training

Created by the company Purina, this tracking application for Android has been designed for canine training through the advice and suggestions of excellent specialists in canine pets.

In Pro Plan P5 Dog Training you can find videos of experts in pet food and training, tutorials, etc.. This small software will help you to provide an excellent follow-up to your dog, mainly in terms of training, goals and skills.

The application has a section of inspiring stories, you will have the opportunity to admire pets and other owners whose results with this app have been successful.

Initially this tracking application for Android was created only for this operating system, but now a version is available for other devices.


11Pets is another excellent application for the care and protection of your canine pet. By using this tracking application for Android, you will be able to keep all the information related to your dog in a clean and organized way.

The app is responsible for a set of important and basic activities, so that everything related to your dog contributes to their welfare. Within the functions of this application we can highlight the following:

  • 11Pets sends a notification when your pet requires some medication, deworming, hairdressing, next vaccination, among others.
  • In addition, thanks to this application you can add X-rays, ultrasounds and medical tests to which you can make a photograph or scan. You can also keep a daily record with notes and photos to check the dog’s progress.
  • This application helps link all application information to cloud storage.
  • 11Pets stores the best snapshots of your pet directly in the application.

Do you have a pet? Be sure to try out the benefits of this tracking application for Android, you can download it directly from the Android app store. You can download it for free and the best thing is that it is quite light.

Dog Health

This interesting application has been created to control the health of your canine pet. You don’t need to cancel an amount for downloading it, as this tracking application for Android is completely free. Through the use of this app you will be able to access the following functions:

  • Control the visits made prior to the veterinary clinic, also the application allows you to manage the different veterinarians.
  • Complete one or more cards with the pet information including age, weight, name, microchip number, etc.
  • Dog Health allows you to locate the vet closest to your home. If you choose the Pro version of this application, you will be able to track your pet’s weight as well as height.
  • Similarly, you can choose the Android tracking application free mode, because it contains everything you need to keep track of your dog’s health and development.
  • Enter history to download this magnificent application and start enjoying all its functions and features.


PetCoach, download this tracking application for Android and you will find the best tips and advice related to veterinarians. If you want you can search for related information about behaviors or symptoms, to rule out some potentially bigger problem.

This application allows you to clarify doubts, you will have the best answers from dog trainers, veterinarians, nutritionists and other experts in pets.

Each of the applications shown has different functions and features, you can choose the Android tracking application that suits your pet. Just remember that the application is a support tool and in no case it replaces the veterinarian, in the same way, it works perfectly in basic activities and tasks.

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