Synchronize an Android smartwatch with your smartphone

Synchronize an Android smartwatch with your smartphone

Just bought a smartwatch and want to sync it to your Android device? If the answer is yes, we invite you to read on. One of the favorite products by a lot of users in recent times, is the smart watch.

Basically because of the functionality of these intelligent watches, significantly increasing their sales.

In addition to the wide variety of models that are available in this market sector. Some smartwatches use the Google Wear OS, formerly known as Android Wear.

You should know that this type of watch needs to be linked to the smartphone so that you can use it normally, ie an Android smart watch is not independent.

In general, the process of synchronization between the mobile phone and the smartwatch is quite simple, even in some cases the process is done automatically.

For the synchronization you need to download an application to the terminal, this allows you to control it. In addition, depending on the brand, the Android smartwatch probably requires other apps. Because some of these clocks use Wear OS as their operating system.

Although we must add that certain brands use another type of operating system. In this type of cases it is necessary to download a different app on the smartphone, so that this application facilitates synchronization with the smart clock.

This process is not complicated at all, you just have to take into consideration that each manufacturer can include its own operating system. Here are the requirements for you to sync your Android smartphone with your smartphone, easily.

Android smartwatches

Today one of the favorite accessories for most users is the smartwatch. One of the aspects that stand out in a smartwatch is that it can be linked to your mobile device and synchronize the information related to your address book, phones, photos. It is also possible to receive and make all kinds of calls.

When you buy a smartwatch the first thing you have to do is turn it on to try to link it to your mobile device and move as much information as possible.

If you do not know how to do this process, you should not worry because here you can see how to link the Android smart clock with the mobile terminal.

Synchronize smartwatch with Wear OS to an Android smartphone

Sometimes, some users think that it is very difficult to synchronize their smartwatch with the phone, especially those people who are not related to technology; this should not be a concern since linking both devices is a quick and easy process.

Here you can see step by step how to link your smartwatch to your mobile, as well as other actions related to this procedure.

After deciding to purchase an Android smart watch, it can be a little desperate anxiety to start using it, do not worry soon you can begin to enjoy all the benefits that offers your smart watch.

Things to Consider Before Synchronizing

To begin the process of synchronizing the Android smartwatch with the mobile device, you must first consider its operating system. If the intelligent clock has as system Wear OS, it is necessary that you carry out the installation of the application in the smartphone with Android of Wear OS.

Through this app you will be able to synchronize your smartwatch with your phone. Wear Os is essential for your smart watch to work properly. The best thing is that this application is totally free and you can download it quickly.

If you do not have Wear OS on your mobile device the synchronization process would not be possible. Hence the importance of downloading it, so that you start using the intelligent clock as soon as possible. So after doing the installation of this application, you will be able to start linking both devices.

Steps to synchronize your Android smart watch with your mobile

The process for synchronization is fast and you must follow these steps:

  • The first thing we must do is open the application on the phone, it is necessary to accept each of the conditions of use of Google.
  • Then you must activate Bluetooth on the mobile device and then slide the screen of the smart clock, this will begin the search for Bluetooth devices that are around.
  • This will detect both devices so that they connect via Bluetooth and the synchronization process begins.
  • Immediately you will notice that a code is observed on the smartphone and on the Android smartphone clock. If both codes match, it is time to accept synchronization on both devices.
  • After these steps, the bonding must be complete. In the case of the smartwatch, you can usually see a message on the screen referring to synchronization. So that you can continue the bonding process without complications and know exactly when it ends.
  • After the linking of the Android smart watch to the mobile has been completed, the smartwatch usually needs to be updated.
  • At the same time, you need to make the configuration on the mobile device. It is quite common that you can watch a video tutorial related to the operation of the Wear OS application.
  • This video can serve as a support, because it shows the most significant details of the functions of the intelligent clock. It is a very useful option, mainly for those who buy a watch of this type for the first time.
  • After the video is finished, you can start with the settings related to the smart clock, for example: activate notifications.
  • Now it is ready the intelligent clock to be used, if you want you can practice your favorite sport with the clock or just install some applications.

How to sync a smart watch from other brands on Android?

As you could see in the previous process, we learned how to synchronize an intelligent clock with Wear OS. You should know that, in this type of market, you can also find other types of operating systems.

Some brands with Android devices decide to launch smart clocks with another operating system, one of these brands is Samsung which uses Tizen as operating system.

Although the process is quite similar, it has its important differences. In addition, there are certain brands of watches that use the Wear OS operating system, with the difference that they make additional apps available to users.

This is an interesting detail to consider. Below are some of the options currently available in the market.

Samsung Smart Watch on Android

If you are a user who has just purchased a smart watch from Samsung, you need to download a different application to your Android device.

The application is available as Samsung Gear on Google Play. In this option it is necessary to choose the intelligent watch that you have acquired, to begin with the process of linking.

The steps for this type of synchronization are the same ones we use when synchronizing an Android smart clock with Wear OS system to the mobile device.

Therefore, this would not represent any complication for this kind of users and in just a few minutes it is possible to synchronize the devices.

Motorola smart clock in Android

In today’s market Motorola has few intelligent watches, as this well-known brand has not been dedicated much to this technology sector. Each of Motorola’s intelligent watches has a Wear OS operating system.

We only have to add that the brand makes an additional application available to all its users. Thanks to this application, it is possible to use certain added functions that are not available in Wear OS.

One of the additional features is that you can access certain exclusive dials for your smart watch.

Can I sync my Android smart watch with an iPhone?

Thanks to Google’s Wear Os application, you have the ability to link some Apple computers that have iOS 8.2. The process to synchronize both devices is also quite simple.

  • The first thing you should do is a review of the Android smart clock model, check if it is possible to link the clock with an iPhone, this is because not all allow this synchronization.
  • Now it starts with the installation of the Wear OS application on the Apple device. After you finish installing Wear OS, it’s time to reboot the device.
  • Then turn the iPhone back on and activate Bluetooth to sync it to the smart clock automatically.
  • The next step is to choose the type of clock in the Wear OS application. After making this selection, you will see on the screen of the smart clock a code that you must add on the iPhone.
  • The synchronization process is over, now you can use the Android smart clock with the iPhone.

A detail to keep in mind, an Android smartwatch associated with an iPhone may have certain limitations in operation, compared to an Android smart watch. Currently Wear Os in iOS just started, for this reason we are waiting for improvements in the relationship between the two technologies.

In general, the process to synchronize an Android smartwatch with a mobile device is quite simple, you only need to complete the steps explained in this section to start enjoying all the benefits offered by both devices.

Take your Android smartwatch wherever you want and take advantage of all the features it brings to you.

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