Protect your device with security apps

You can avoid becoming one of Android’s malware victims, a number of victims that grows significantly every day, by using any of Android’s free antivirus applications.

It is undeniable that Android is one of the most popular operating systems in the world today, as it is installed on many devices, for this reason much of the mobile malware focuses on the famous Google operating system and multiple times the malware is hidden behind fake apps.

That’s why most devices with Android operating system block the installation of programs from unknown sources, mainly app stores that do not belong to Google Play.

For this reason, it is necessary to remember that when installing this type of applications you run certain risks that may end up affecting your mobile devices.

Below you can see in the development of this post, some of the most popular free security applications, which work perfectly on any device.

Free antivirus apps for Android

Regardless of which software your tablet or Android smartphone uses, it’s essential to install some of the security or antivirus applications on your mobile devices. Here we show you in detail some of the most popular antivirus security applications of the moment.

But which one is ideal for your mobile? Some of these antivirus perform more than automatic scans, the first thing they will try to do is to avoid downloading malicious Internet pages, also preventing these sites from being opened by users.


AVL is the best protector for your Android devices, among the set of features we highlight the antivirus database, as well as the excellent scanning ability to detect any kind of executable file that tries to affect your Android device.

AVL also has a call blocker that prevents malicious numbers attempting to communicate through the device. This excellent protection tool also has an anti-phishing function to block malicious web pages from loading and negatively affecting your mobile.

This app stands out for being quite light in resources, an important detail since it allows to extend the battery life.

Free Avast Antivirus for Android

Avast antivirus in an intelligent way, has used its important skills to develop an excellent application with functions that go beyond any scanner. This is why it is part of the best security applications.

The additional functions of this application in free version include: firewall, call blocker and also an anti-theft measure, which allows you to remotely delete or block the Android device if it gets lost.

Initially the application was paid for, but now it is free and is fully supported through advertisements. If you wish you can cancel the minimum monthly fee to remove these ads.

Avast free antivirus is part of the security applications for Android of great utility, mainly by a premium feature, we refer to the blocking in the application, through which the mobile terminal will request a PIN, prior to the opening of some apps. This way the malware will not start apps automatically.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

In the security community Bitdefender is extremely important, highlighting its lightweight and free antivirus software. Bitdefender Antivirus Free does not run in the background, freeing up system resources.

This means that you need to run or schedule scans manually, for added security. Simply put, all new apps you download to your mobile are automatically scanned.

One of the benefits of this application is that after its installation is ready to start, Bitdefender Antivirus Free does not need any other configuration. If additional security is required, a free 14-day trial registration is possible.

Kaspersky Antivirus for Android Smartphone and Tablet

This application is effective for blocking all types of pages or harmful links before accessing them. In this way, it prevents an infection from occurring in the device.

If you want, you can also access the premium version of this app, it differs because it includes some additional security features, which include text and call filtering.

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is another name that stands out among the antivirus programs for computer, for this reason could not miss this Android app, which perfectly meets expectations.

This app not only includes antivirus, it also has other functions: remote deletion and blocking, tracking a lost mobile. For example, if the device is stolen, the security application is able to take a picture of the thief.

Among the features of this application, highlights its ability to scan apps to verify if they filter confidential data, if necessary blocks them. It also blocks access to highly malicious websites, allowing you to keep a black list of annoying messages and users.

If you want you can also access the premium version of the security application, here you can receive assistance via telephone and remove ads. If you want you can try the excellent features of one of the best security applications today.

Sophos Mobile Security for Android

This Android security application is excellent because it does not affect the battery life and performance of the mobile device.

By synchronizing with SophosLabs in real time, you ensure that your smartphone is always protected, avoiding the latest web threats and malware. This tool is also effective in enterprise-class products.

This application has been perfectly designed to be used in Android, is capable of identifying unwanted apps that can cause data loss, data theft and high costs for the use of the network.

In the event that the mobile phone is stolen or lost, remote deletion or blocking protects personal data against third parties.

Norton Mobile Security & Antivirus for Android

When evaluated by AV-Test this free app, detected all Android malware, this evaluation was made a few months ago. Norton Mobile Security is one of the best security applications, it also protects against viruses.

By installing this application, your Android device will be protected from malicious apps, theft threats and web pages designed to keep your money and all your personal data.

Among the different functions of this security application for Android stand out:

  • Protect your devices in public wifi networks, notifying when these networks represent a risk.
  • Scans and deletes apps with malicious programs, Android viruses that can cause damage to the mobile.
  • It also has a great search engine for unsafe sites.

Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus

This interesting application besides performing an analysis of new apps looking for malware, also takes care of preventing recently installed apps from entering other programs, this can be very useful for mobile administrators.

Includes a Facebook security scanner, capable of notifying you if your social network profile shows sensitive personal data.

The free version has some premium features for a 7-day trial. Among the features include: the app also has a malware blocker that scans other applications before installation to prevent possible infections on the device.

Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus enables safe browsing, is excellent for filtering text messages and calls.

The protection offered by this application is quite complete, when installed your Android device will be shielded, as it is able to detect virtually all malicious apps found on the web.

It also protects your device from fraudulent websites, ransomware and theft of identification data. Another feature of this application is that it allows you to block, delete and find the mobile if you lose it.

Avira Antivirus Security

Avira’s mobile application not only scans downloaded files together with the information in the device’s memory, but also scans the SD card, for example.

Use a privacy scale to rank applications, so you can more easily decide the level of confidence in your data.

Regularly the identity protector of the integrated application, is responsible for checking whether the email addresses within your contacts have been part of some violation of relevant information.

An administration portal based on the Internet controls the application, something very useful if at any time you want to configure a common policy on various Android computers. This Android security tool successfully protects your Tablet or mobile phone from unwanted calls or harmful applications.

The features of this application are divided into different relevant groups. Within the first group you can find antivirus protection, it consumes little memory while protecting your device from malicious applications.

Through the anti-theft protection, you have the possibility to locate the mobile device by means of a PC, erase all the information, block it permanently and also makes the terminal emit a strong noise.

Finally, through telephone protection you can access telephone blacklists. Making it easy to block incoming messages and calls from the phone number you want to block.

Currently there are countless security applications for Android that are quite effective, here we simply show you some of the most popular among most users seeking to protect the information on their mobile devices in the best way. Try the benefits of these innovative security applications whenever you want.

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