Main advantages and disadvantages of an Android TV

Main advantages and disadvantages of an Android TV

When Android came to the operating system market, it focused mainly on mobile devices, using Linux as a base adding a set of applications and services, which facilitate the enjoyment of various functionalities of applications and telephony, ideal for a smartphone.

However, Android has continued to evolve steadily and currently takes advantage of different kinds of devices that include: Tablet, watches, some household appliances, has also come to TV in small set-top box or HDMI sticks.

In addition, it is present in televisions of important brands through Android TV. The safe bet of these brands for this operating system is basically due to the multiple advantages offered by Android to all its users.

Without forgetting that Android TV is constantly being updated, this can be seen in the different news in some recognized brands.

That is why we have selected some of the main advantages and disadvantages that Android TV offers us, mainly for those users who are thinking of acquiring a TV that adapts to this new operating system.

Android TV, transforming TV

Nowadays, most of the televisions distributed in the market have the Smart TV label, but we must clarify that there is no common platform among them. This means that each of the televisions has its own Smart TV system, which includes various applications and functionalities.

In a way we could say that each of the manufacturers is making a battle individually, this is where Android provides a set of services and applications on your TV similar to what happens on mobile devices.

Each of the manufacturers or brands has its own Smart TV app store, offering some basic services in general that include, for example: access to YouTube, web browsing, access to Twitter or Facebook. But each brand has its own games and applications.

If you have a TV that doesn’t have Smart features or you want to increase services and connectivity, the same way you do on your mobile, but on TV; it’s definitely an excellent Android TV option.

Ease of use

One of the main advantages of Android Tv is the simplicity and ease of use. Through the use of Android TV, you can enjoy the same experience that you have when using your Tablet or smartphone with Android operating system.

That’s why Android TV is easy to use, has an intuitive and simple interface, allowing you to get the most out of it at all times. Google Play is also available so you can download the applications of your choice just like you do on your mobile phone.

Not forgetting that many of the apps have been adapted to work perfectly on a TV. Although the biggest advantage is that you can choose different applications for playing content, either YouTube, Netflix or just enjoy some games to get the best out of the size of the TV.

Syncing an Android device with Android TV

If you have any Android device at home, you can use them with Android TV as a remote control for TV.

All this is possible by downloading an application in them, which facilitates synchronization with television. This means, for example: if at any time you don’t have the remote control, you can use your mobile device for this.

It is quite clear the synchronization between Android Tv and devices with Android operating system. This is mainly due to the functions that make it easier to play on the TV screen, any content you have on the smartphone screen, without resorting to a wired connection.

Thanks to this it will be very easy to see photos or videos of the phone on the huge screen of television, as the process of synchronization is very fast between the two devices.

Different peripherals can be used on Android TV

In addition, it is also possible to use all kinds of peripherals with a tv that has Android Tv. This means the following: if you want to enjoy any game in it, you can use a controller.

But it also has the option of conveniently connecting a keyboard, via Wifi or Bluetooth. It’s practically as if the TV were transformed into a kind of computer or tablet, which allows for greater advantages.

In Android TV versatility is one of the most praised details, since it is possible to give different uses to a TV. Not only will you be able to watch TV normally, you can quickly access the best streaming material with applications such as HBO, Netflix, YouTube, among others.

If you like to enjoy some interesting games, you can access Google Play and download your games directly to your TV and thus play just like you would a console, but without resorting to it. You can also download applications that facilitate other uses.

Perfect multimedia experience

You don’t need to wait for any developer to place a TV app, this is because one of the main development centers today is Android, you can practically access different web services that include streaming. This is due to the leadership and weight in the Android market.

Another advantage is that you can play multimedia material from USB device or local network, enjoying full compatibility thanks to Android apps, among which stand out: Plex, VLC or MX Player.


We couldn’t leave out an excellent advantage and it’s price related. In the market it is possible to find Android TV models with interesting prices.

It represents a good option, mainly because it offers a range of possibilities, compared to a Smart TV, whose prices in the best brands are quite high and less attractive.

Some disadvantages of Android TV

As you could see Android TV offers a wide variety of advantages, but we can not deny that there are also certain disadvantages.

One of the main disadvantages is that Android basically focuses on tactile interaction and a television is not.

In addition, the interface does not adapt to screens that are too large and the interaction mode is not smooth for what most users expect.

Another aspect to consider is that it requires the use of remote controls to control the system. In this type of Android devices mostly, it is the same as in the smart device, so it is not optimized for this kind of control system.

In addition, Android has a drawer of apps where everyone is pressing their finger and the interface for each TV has not been standardized. In this respect, each device with an Android operating system acts on its own behalf. That’s why we suggest studying this detail carefully before purchasing a device of this type.

A recommendation at the time of choosing an Android TV device, the best thing is to carefully analyze the use you will give the device and the best thing is to choose a system that includes a control that besides comfortable has been versatile, for the main use of this.

Today, in fact, you can find some models that have a touch zone, QWERTY keyboard and controllers that work similarly to a WiiMote.

Is it worth buying a TV with Android TV?

Probably after reading each of the advantages and disadvantages of an Android TV, you will have some doubts about whether or not to purchase this type of device. Our answer and recommendation is that it is worth having a TV with Android operating system.

The best thing is that currently you can choose between different models of recognized brands, highlighting Philips, Haier or Sony, among others. Each of these brands even has interesting models with Android TV.

For this reason, it won’t be difficult to find the model that suits your preferences, budget and needs.

We can also add that Google continues to work on improvements to this operating system, so that it can work perfectly on low-end models. This means, even if you have a simpler tv but have Android, you will have the possibility to have the best experience in this one.

If you’ve already decided to renew your TV, you can consider Android TV as your first choice. We are sure that after using and taking advantage of its functions you will live the best experiences, enjoying the best content.

Android Tv is quite simple to use and at any time, especially if you already have a mobile device with Android operating system.

Not forgetting that with Android as your operating system you will frequently be able to access updates, which over time will include new enhancements.

You have probably already used some mobile device with Android or you know some functions, this means that you have a pretty clear idea of all the contributions that Android will give to TV.

In general terms we could say that Android TV is an excellent option that will allow you to get multiple advantages of your TV such as console, multimedia system and device to navigate the web with a fluidity and performance similar to a last generation device, but being aware that this system has not been created for TV.

In addition, the price is better and they offer greater possibilities, if you want you can take with you wherever you want your multimedia center, if you go on vacation or for a walk to any place. A real gem for those who love the connectivity and versatility that Android offers today.

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