How to maintain mobile security in Android?

If you are interested in knowing how to maintain mobile security in Android, here are some tips to help you choose the safest mobile device on the market. You’ll also see some pretty effective tricks to strengthen protection.

Most mobile devices on the market are generally poorly supported by manufacturers in protecting these types of devices.

The tips that we have chosen for you, we are sure that they are the best option to guarantee the operation of the Android Smartphone. In addition, we include some recommendations related to choosing a smart device with high security, you can also be aware of the best related updates.

The importance of mobile security in Android

In recent years we have observed that there are a large number of incidents, which have to do with computer security.

Either because of the theft of passwords from the companies that provide the service, in addition to the recent security holes suffered by most modern processors, which are known as Meltdown and Spectre at the public level.

Although a large number of devices are currently protected, there is always the possibility that any attacker can enter your mobile through certain methods, obtaining important personal data, disabling the mobile or sending advertising.

In this regard, we tell you the best way to know if mobile security in Android is adequate, ie if the device may have updates on the security issue. Plus, you’ll learn some simple tricks to strengthen mobile security in Android.  

It is very important to have a fully updated system, regardless of the type of control you have on your device. At first we focused on what you can do as a user to provide greater protection to the mobile, but now corresponds to the part where there is no control of our part.

Firstly, the manufacturer is fully responsible for the operating system, part of this responsibility also lies with Google. As certain security holes are discovered, companies begin their efforts to fix them, especially if these holes are severe.

What happens with security holes is that it is not possible to control them, ultimately the responsibility lies with the manufacturer.

But, choosing the manufacturer with the most updates to deliver is our responsibility. For this reason, in this aspect if it is possible to make a decision to protect the functionality of the mobile in Android.

Is the device I just bought safe?

As for the manufacturers, Apple basically gets a lot of praise for protecting its system, as the devices are constantly being updated for a long time. This does not mean that Android has little protection, as it is possible to find mobile protection in Android.

What’s happening with Android is that it’s a bit complicated to choose a highly secure mobile device.

Although we could refer to a company that updates the latest version of Android a bit quickly, but knowing the mobile protection in Android and the latest updates is sometimes difficult.

In spite of this, today we find prestigious brands that offer a guarantee and publicly show their commitment.

It is possible to trust them and it is basically due to experience, for this reason the other companies should work in this way. Below we can see in detail the leading manufacturers in mobile protection.


Although LG has a rare security bulletin, when it comes to updates the company is committed to offering the best updates in its V, G, X and Q ranges.

LG is responsible for indicating, according to the operator and the device model, the type of update, either quarterly or monthly.

Generally, this company perfectly complies with the protection in its high-end equipment (G and V models). As for mid-range devices, the commitment is not very explicit.

Basically the exact frequency of your updates is unknown, so the mobile protection in Android on these computers is not clear. In general terms LG has a fairly good security upgrade policy, mainly on its high-end equipment.


Google is in charge of developing the Android operating system. In addition to having extensive knowledge about this operating system. For this reason, Google is the most serious company for the implementation of protective measures in Android.

For example, if you have a Pixel or Google Nexus computer, you will receive the OTA update between the 1st and 5th of the month, which includes improvements related to the receipt that the company has patched the previous month.

Rather than comply, Google simply makes available on its website, a help section aimed specifically at updates.

Depending on the mobile device model, they usually indicate how long you will receive Android operating system updates (3 years from Pixel, 2 years for Android) and security updates (for all devices 3 years).


Worldwide, Samsung has been leading the Android device manufacturing market for years, so it needs to be at the level of the circumstances.

When it comes to mobile security in Android, we must be clear: Samsung is not very fast when it comes to Android updates, but it is constant and punctual when it comes to mobile security in Android.

It is possible to observe in the security bulletin in detail, each of the mobile improvements in Android each month. Also detailed is a list of mobiles that normally receive security updates.

The most relevant Samsung devices usually have 3 years of monthly security on the Android operating system. As for low-end mobiles, for 2 years they receive quarterly updates.

While Samsung’s giant Android mobile security updates aren’t fast, they’re consistent and accurate.

Android One

One of Google’s most powerful moves is Android One, this is mainly due to the clarity it shows in the Android market. Highlights devices belonging to renowned manufacturers, Google has decided to bet on these renowned manufacturers.

Devices that have Android One at least commit to receiving a major Android update, plus relevant minor and mobile security updates on Android for a period of 18 months.

Although the time is less, compared to the numbers of high-end devices, but in terms of mid-range is the best that can be found, sector where manufacturers do not normally focus on the protection of the smartphone.

Among the manufacturers in Android One, Nokia (new devices will include Android One), HTC, Motorola and Xiaomi.

Android for Work

For enterprise mobile devices security is extremely important, for this reason Google has created a section especially for enterprise devices.

In this list of Android mobiles, the experience of use in software and hardware is guaranteed. Also for offering mobile security on Android on a regular basis.

A certified mobile will include regular updates, within this list is possible to observe mobiles corresponding to different brands, including Nokia, BlackBerry, LG or Sony.

If you wish, you can consult the list of devices at any time.

Improve mobile security on Android

In general, any computer threat that includes malware, viruses, Trojans, among others; many times we look for them and decide to receive them.

Sometimes we even let the cyberattacker in and often don’t even realize what just happened.

We must be honest about this, at the moment there is no definitive and infallible computer security. It is not possible to be absolutely certain that at some point we will not be attacked.

When we talk about mobile security in Android, we are talking about diminishing the impact and possibility of any threat. The improvement in mobile security in Android falls mostly on each of the users. Although there is no definitive security, we can significantly reduce the risks.


At the time of Windows is well known that updates were not pleasant at all, which is why there has been a general idea about updates: they say it is bad to update, a totally wrong idea.

Upgrading mobile security in Android is critical, as manufacturers typically make bug fixes and add performance enhancements, for example.

Security patches are usually included in the fixes to protect your device. Although this cannot be observed on a daily basis, but on some occasions it is probably excellent news that nothing bad happens.

Copies and computer security

For those who are not very familiar with technology, computer security can mean something complicated; many times when you talk to certain people about computer security, they think you are referring to untrivial things or hacking.

As the conversation progresses, they realize that each of these complicated aspects are the responsibility of the companies in charge of designing the operating systems, but that in the end for any user it is something very important.

In fact, we can say that one of the most important aspects are backups, an aspect that some users do not value and that sometimes can bring greater complications.

Dropbox or Google Photos are very useful tools to have backups in the cloud, although it is advisable to complement this tool with a backup on an external hard drive and another on the mobile.

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