How to choose an Android application builder?

How to choose an Android application builder?

To win and keep customers mobile apps represent the perfect choice, through commitment and connection with customers. There are currently different ways to do this, if you’re thinking of creating a mobile app.

Before starting the process to create a mobile application, it is necessary to define if it is better to buy or build some application, among others.

That’s why we’ve collected the information you need to easily choose the right tool to create your app. The best way to ensure success in building an application.

Is an application really necessary?

Although this question is a bit strange, it is essential that you understand if the application will really help your business.

You must understand that it is not simply a question of building an application to build it, that is, you can create an application in case you want to communicate with your customers or users through mobile devices.

It is an excellent idea to create an application as long as the content is of quality to be able to share it, since the process of creating and maintaining an app is probably quite expensive.

In addition, it is necessary to have the necessary tools for the creation of such an application, such as choosing a tool to build Android apps.

Buy or build an Android app?

One of the fastest growing sectors today is the mobile applications industry. Among the most important application stores are Google Play and App Store, where you can choose from an infinite number of applications for the Android operating system and for iOS.

It’s an aspect that will probably help you decide if you really prefer to hire an agency or developer, although you can also learn code on your own or choose an Android app builder.

Regardless of your decision, we can suggest you choose an Android app builder.

Elements to look for when creating an application using an application builder

In this post we will concentrate only on an Android application builder, clarifying in the best way, each of the elements you need to look for when deciding to create your application with this type of platform.

Thanks to advances in technology, it is possible to find a wide variety of options to choose the best Android application builder. We recommend that you take enough time to choose an app builder without having to worry about it, as you will then be able to recover time through the speed of this type of platform.

Today’s Android app builder industry is growing in size, and in turn, they focus on specializing in specific apps. For this reason, the choice remains on your part, as it will depend on the needs of your business.

Once you have managed to identify the best options, it is essential that you make a comparison according to the following parameters.


Quality is one of the main aspects to take into account, mainly because most people the first thing that occurs to them as a quality parameter is price.

But what you really need is a good Android app builder, which can offer you the best options to create an attractive app for your target audience.

That is why, with regard to price, it is better not to think about this factor initially, we will talk about it later.

Now pay adequate attention to certain elements that really ensure the high quality of the product, for example: simplicity of use, design, multiplatform option, integration with social networks, the CMS and also the kind of application you end up offering.

You can take note below of the main elements that the Android application builder should include.


You need to keep in mind that the app sector is completely creative. Most websites, magazines and streets are flooded with fashion, art and style. But what about your app? Do you want to stand out in this universe or go unnoticed?

Feel free to find the best Android app builder, which offers excellent templates, the ability to customize the look of your application and the best design, remember that the app is a representation of the style of your business.

Simplicity of use

It is essential that it is intuitive and easy to use. The platform should facilitate the connection of all the content and simple design of your application.

Most app builders have been designed perfectly for those users with little programming skills, for this reason building an app will be quite simple.

In addition, you need to think about the user and the experience they will have. The use of the application should be simple for both the user and you.

An excellent way to determine if the Android application builder is the best option is to test any of its applications and manipulate it for a short time. Determine if you really like what you see in the application and the reasons for using it or not.


Regarding the CMS, this is responsible for managing content easily, leaving the webmaster free of technical documentation to program applications.

If you do not have a website or external content sources such as a blog, it is necessary to verify that the Android application builder provides the best solution for the creation of BackOffice content directly, through an internal CMS.

The more connectors provided by the Android application builder, the easier it will be to concentrate content within the app.

Push notifications

Another important element is push notifications, mainly in the strategy through mobile devices.

These types of messages are ideal for reaching your users directly and keeping them up to date with all the updates, news and promotions.

Push notifications definitely represent an excellent way of marketing, for this reason you should be sure to have the freedom to make the most of these types of notifications.

Share content

Users need to be able to share all the content of the application through social networks. You need most users to talk about you, which will generate brand awareness and in turn, cause an increase in downloads.

See if it is possible to arrange a section where users or customers can give feedbacks, and this way, feel that they are part of the project.

Platform apps

It’s vital to start with a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your product, that is, whether you want to create a native Android app or an app for another operating system.

You should know that native applications are highly advantageous, since they can access all the capabilities of the mobile device; offering greater speed, better fluidity, greater interactivity, the best design and an excellent user experience.

On the other hand, as far as HTML5 web applications are concerned, they can work on all mobiles, allowing you to have a greater presence in the market.

Therefore, it is a good option to have an app on different platforms. One of the biggest benefits of an Android app builder is that most of these tools allow you to create applications in Android or another operating system.

Tools for analysis

You can access important information by doing a statistical analysis of the application, this way you will be able to know the real users as well as their preferences.

You can also identify which are the pages with more citations, the place where most users come from, among others.

All this will help you to create different groups of users distributed according to demographic information, localization, language, mobile device, etc. Thanks to this information, the content offered will be of quality.

For this reason, it is essential to choose an Android application builder that allows you to access this type of information, especially when it comes time to monetize.


It is necessary that you check if there is the possibility of obtaining economic income through the application.

The ideal would be to create an app to take advantage of the option to obtain benefits, thanks to its popularity. If you send the application directly to the stores, it is obvious that you can set the price you want for the app.

However, you can also find an Android application builder that offers the possibility of adding ads within the app content, using an internal or external advertising network.

Find excellent value for money

It’s time to refer to prices. In this aspect it is necessary that you are quite careful, since you don’t only have to visualize the figures. Normally it is quite simple to set a fairly low price, in this case you need to pay attention to the services that complement the purchase.

For example, before making the purchase if possible, ideally you should try the service. For this reason, if the Android app builder offers you a free trial time, take advantage of this opportunity.

Try to test each one of the functionalities and characteristics, so that you can check each one of the aspects that we show you in detail.

Application builders can publish your apps under their own name, but they may also allow you to be the official creator. Some of these tools offer different plans, usually with monthly or annual cancellations.

Although they also offer free plans, in this case you must be careful because generally in this kind of plans are quite limited features, in addition to the fact that the ads are mostly mandatory and other application builders choose to keep a percentage of the economic benefit that the application has generated.

These are some of the most important aspects when choosing an application builder, remember to take them into account to make the best decision.

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