Google App Maker, great Android app generator

Google App Maker, great Android app generator

Definitely, the future in the area of business and employment is linked to technology. Today we try to adapt our business environment, being at the forefront of technology can be difficult if you do not have sufficient instruments.

This can end up affecting your business as it will not be updated and you do not get the workload is displayed in an organized and structured way.

In these cases, Google can act through an excellent Android application generator that you require for your business in an accessible and simple way, without having to resort to a web app programmer.

Google App Maker is a tool whose objective is to support companies in structuring the activities they must carry out daily, thanks to the creation of their applications.

Through the business application, employers can specify task management among their employees, commission pending projects, know details on orders, among others. Let’s take a look at what this Android app generator has to offer.

What is App Maker?

It is an Android application generator that your business needs to develop effectively and successfully. Thanks to the App Maker functions, you can create apps that support the fluidity of work or extend the internal operations of the company, without the need to write programmer’s codes.

This tool allows employers to create their applications and thus optimally manage the work of their employees, detail order, commission project, etc..

While App Maker is a tool for you to do simple functions, you can take full advantage of its potential. If you are part of a company with a limited budget, App Maker is definitely the solution for your business.

App Maker an option for medium and small businesses

App Maker is a generator of Android applications quite useful for medium and small companies that need to organize their work, but due to their budget can not hire an external company to manage the work of the staff in charge.

Since App Maker hit the market in 2016, it has facilitated the creation of external programs.

Google App Maker with the update in 2018, is part of the service developed for the business sector by the giant Google Suite, all users members of Google Suite can enjoy all the benefits of Google App Maker. For this reason, Google App Maker is fully integrated into the web giant Google Suite.


It is a complex online toolkit for collaboration and messaging to meet the essential requirements of the company, helping to lower cost and significantly increase productivity.

Service provided by Google for the personalized management of products for your SME, startup or project. With Google Suite features, it’s easier to increase productivity and lower costs.

 Through this magnificent structure, you will be able to use the app both on the mobile device and on a computer, without having to worry about security, capacity planning or servers.

Google Suite offers a variety of domain name products that you can easily customize. In addition, it has different web apps whose functions are similar to the classic office suites.

Google Suite Highlights

Some of the most outstanding features of the giant Google Suite are the following:

  • You can create different projects with Google Suite.
  • It is possible to connect, employees can communicate with other employees no matter where they are.
  • Allows you to manage devices, users and information quickly and easily.
  • You can store all files and access them at any time.

Among the products offered by Google Suite: the Android application generator Google App Maker, business Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Drive.

In addition, it can be presented in different ways: G Suite Basic, G Suite Partner Program, G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Bussines, G Suite Non profits, G Suite For Education.

Google App Maker and Google Suite

The Android application generator Google App Maker is integrated to all editions of Google Suite, this means that you can apply Google App Maker in each of the editions it presents.

In short, Google App Maker is integrated within Google Suite, now it will be easier to detail all the features and main characteristics of Google App Maker.

App Maker Highlights

So you know that the Android App Maker is just another Google Suite tool. Now let’s look at their characteristics:

  • It is characterized mainly by creating apps that will support employers, to determine how to manage work between employees, as well as solve and commission incomplete projects.
  • Within the more specific features in this app, it is possible to get your company to balance the burden of tasks without complicating the management.
  • App Maker has different built-in templates, you can easily adapt the template you want to the needs of the business and app easily.
  • Click on the button and model information to give fluidity to the development of apps. It also makes available the IU design, the latest trend in web design, which is based on the creation of interface between digital devices and people.
  • App Maker has a drag-and-drop user interface editor. When we speak of a user interface, we refer to the means by which the user interacts with a computer, machine, equipment or mobile device; understanding each of the points of contact between the device and the user.

Key features of the Android application builder Google App Maker

This Android application generator provides users with apps widely used in everyday life such as Groups, Contacts or Maps. In this way, the company will better organize the various daily activities, the main objective of this tool.

Create quickly and easily your applications, all this thanks to the UI design through drag and drop, no matter if you are an amateur programmer or a professional because it will not be complicated to create your apps.

By means of the created application you maintain control in the tasks related to the company. This means you don’t need to be an expert programmer to create your apps with this Android app generator. App Maker successfully simplifies the work of employees and small employers.

App Maker brings together apps that meet your requirements, such as: scale internal operations, business workflows through Google Suite’s low-level coding creation environment.

You should also know that this Android application generator is part of the Enterprise editions of G Suite, Business and Google Suite for Educational Centers.

You can easily put together the design of the UI, the templates and their drag and drop function along with declarative information modeling, to give your teams more resources.

In addition, you can get valuable data either through Calendar or Spreadsheets, with Gmail and access services necessary for the effectiveness of your apps. You can also use Apps Scripts to access third-party services and the Google Cloud Platform.

It is possible to maintain control, total visibility of the apps executed in your business, users with access to the applications and number of people using them.

Advantages of Android App Maker

Thanks to the use of this Android app generator you can easily create different optimized applications, simply for the job you want. Although App Maker is a little reduced vision, in most cases it adapts to what you want to do, that is to say, to do something in an optimal way.

Although App Maker is not a recent project, it has allowed a significant number of companies to develop programs for internal use.

Currently, all G Suite users can access all the functionalities of App Maker, the excellent service of the magnificent Google, allowing the use of each of its products and customize them according to your project, business, SME or startup.

App Maker has definitely been developed so that small entrepreneurs can fill the gaps that other tools are not able to fill or simply require an extra cost.

One of the examples given by Google in the use of App Maker is one of the largest companies in the world of video games: EA Games. A large company, which at the same time has extensive development projects, requires optimum management of its staff and resources, so that they can meet deadlines.

Probably some game requires a new designer right away, this can become a real problem.

EA Games does not acquire a license for a management tool, since it decided to use the application generator Android App Maker, for the creation of a custom application focused simply on project management and human resource. The process was quite simple and quick; it can be as complicated as you want the application to be.

It is clear that as part of G Suite, App Maker is an option for some users, although it can become the essential program for small businesses, new startups, medium businesses, among others.

Try all the advantages and features that Google App Maker offers you, we are sure that the experience will be unique. Create your apps easily thanks to this excellent tool.

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