Essential GPS location apps for hiking

Essential GPS location apps for hiking

For those who enjoy admiring the beauty of nature or just hiking, you can choose a GPS location application as support.

When you practice an activity such as hiking, in addition to water, backpack and appropriate clothing, you need to equip yourself with the best solutions in mobile technology to keep you informed and thus be able to make routes more comfortable.

In this type of activities your mobile device becomes the best companion to receive indications and orientation of the environment that surrounds us.

Continue reading because we have prepared an excellent selection of technological applications for hiking, you will find some of the most popular on the market.

GPS Tracking Applications

Thanks to the increase in hiking as a sporting activity, mainly in people aged between 25 and 50 years, new technologies have begun to spread.

Highlighting mainly the GPS location applications, to practice this sport in a safe way and with all the information required, simply with a few touches of screen on your mobile device.

Nowadays the mobile device has become an essential part of the equipment for the practice of hiking, complementing the energetic foods, water to hydrate the appropriate footwear, clothes and canes.

Scanning takes care of the rest to lighten the weight of your backpack and keep you connected anytime, anywhere.

Google Maps

Although Google Maps is not an app specifically designed for hiking, this GPS tracking application can not miss virtually any type of mobile device.

Basically because this app is quite practical when making any hiking route, as it allows a better view of the map of the area.

Google Maps which usually indicates what is around and determines how to get from one place to another, despite not seeing the route you follow.

The connection to use this GPS location application should not worry you, as this app has an offline system, where you can download on your mobile a zonal map that you can consult without accessing the Internet.


Secondly, we have the GPS location application MapMyHike which is considered one of the best hiking technology options, which is available in App Store and also in Google Apps.

This great application allows you to make queries related to routes, make a list of favorites, design routes and be in contact with other people who practice the same sport, to maintain motivation or simply to share interests.

This GPS location application facilitates the connection between different mobiles at the same time, such as: wearables from Android, Jawbone or Garmin, Fitbit and concentrates all the information in the application.

In fact, you can also choose some models of shoes and synchronize them with this app, so you can give you information on the move, as well as make directions when any change is required.

Much of the features of this GPS tracking application are free, but you can also access other features by paying a fee.

Since this application reached the market, it has become one of the preferred options for hikers. It has one of the best ratings, all this thanks to the multiple functions that characterize it.

In addition to researching the routes, you can also customize it according to your preferences, design routes and list the routes of greatest interest.

Compared to other trekking apps, MapMyHike is quite practical as you can connect different mobiles, just like certain Android Wear or GPS garmin equipment. You can also access the option to add friends and thus create new groups of hikers.

An aspect that may be against this application, although the use of this application is quite simple and you can get them for free, to access other functions requires payment, as explained above.

Likewise, you don’t need to worry because the free version of the GPS tracking application has everything you need.


ViewRanger is another excellent GPS location application, for this reason it is one of the best rated among those who practice hiking. The application has a free version with some basic functions.

Thanks to this application you will be able to download a large number of topographic maps of the area in a detailed way, all this through the option “Skyline” which is perfect for the location of mountains, peaks or lakes.

The maps used by this GPS location application are those of the National Geographic Information Centre (CNIG), which makes a very useful application available, along with additional high quality maps for the United States, Europe, New Zealand and Canada.

This application works perfectly via the GPS of the mobile device to locate you, follow a route or record the journey without resorting to an Internet connection.

For this reason, ViewRanger is the perfect application for cyclists, hikers and general hikers. ViewRanger is an excellent alternative to the Wikiloc app.

Probably one of the preferred apps in this sector, through this application you will be sure to follow new routes and without getting lost in the middle of a mountain, as it has the best features.

This application is not only used by people who love sport, it is also widely used by rescue teams in North America and Europe, you can download free maps of different sites around the world.

After downloading the APK file you will have access to the following functions:

  • Maps mode without Internet connection.
  • Location via GPS.
  • You can share location in real time via “BuddyBeacon”.
  • Statistics related to average speed and distance travelled.
  • Active route navigation.
  • Record routes that can be shared and synchronize Flickr photos.
  • Linking with user account on the web.
  • Topographic maps.

Augmented reality

in the most recent versions of applications such as ViewRanger, RA technology is integrated, which allows you to identify the environment, including peaks, lakes and places of interest simply by moving the camera to these places.

Thanks to Skyline will be simpler, as it is able to indicate directly on the screen of the mobile device all the points of passage, just follow the directional arrows that is superimposed on it.

Outdoor Active

Get to know all the advantages offered by Outdoor Active, another magnificent GPS location application, ideal for hiking as it has been designed especially for nature lovers.

Within this application you have available at least 150,000 tours to perform at different times of the year, topographic maps, height profiles up to GPX tracks.

In addition, this application allows you to download all the hikes and tours and then make offline queries.

Outdoor Active is a precise and efficient application, since it is based on a specific map and through the novel vectorial technology and sensitive design; it facilitates the accelerated operation in any mobile device that requires short load times.

Among the main functions of this GPS location application we can highlight the following:

  • The map can be tilted and moved freely so you can have a better orientation.
  • Access to the best representation of each of the details corresponding to the map in its zoom levels.
  • Low data consumption.
  • Thanks to efficient search and intelligent filters the navigation is reliable to any chosen destination.

Safe365 emergency application

When we go out hiking or simply decide to start an adventure through sites whose access is quite complicated, a companion is affected by an accident or sudden changes in weather circumstances; it is necessary to have an excellent GPS location application for emergencies.

In this case, you have the option of the Safe365 app simply through a central red button, which appears when you open the application.

Pressing this red button sends the exact geolocation where you are and you can call the emergency number.

If you don’t have access to an Internet connection, the system will send a distress message and if your device keeps the location option active, your friends or family can request remote information in case the person doesn’t respond.

Wikiloc outdoor navigation GPS

Finally, we show you another excellent option for adventure, hiking and for those who love nature.

This app puts at your disposal a great variety of routes around the world where you can do different activities such as hiking, horseback riding, running, cycling or kayaking. You can see below some of the most outstanding features of this application.

  • Wikiloc has a powerful GPS browser.
  • Offline map mode.
  • Behind the application there is a large community.
  • This application has a huge database with attractive routes all over the world.

Currently the app has more than 10 million photos, 3 million followers and at least 7 million routes. Each one of these figures confirms the effectiveness of this complete application, for the realization of different sports activities or outdoors.

Wikiloc is an application that can be used without connecting to the web. If you want you can filter between thousands of routes according to different criteria, such as difficulty, location or type of activity.

You simply need to register for free to have access to all the functions or you can create your own routes, including geolocalized images or GPS coordinates synchronized with it.

Now you can choose the GPS location application that best suits the sporting activity you practice, whether hiking, cycling, running, among others.

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