Effective tools for mobile device security in 2019

Effective tools for mobile device security in 2019

Looking for a tool for mobile security in Android? Here we show you the best options in 2019. As you well know, security is a fundamental aspect for the proper functioning of your mobile device.

This is basically due to the large number of threats that increase daily and are sometimes quite sophisticated. For this reason, new tools are emerging that are highly effective for mobile security in Android.

Here’s a detailed look at some of the best mobile security tools for Android in 2019, one of the most popular operating systems today.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Through Bitdefender Antivirus Free you can easily clean and scan your device in case of any threat, this tool is a good free antivirus for Android.

Bitdefender stands out for offering the best protection in real time, all the time is available to notify about possible threats. Bitdefender currently has at least 5 million installations.

In addition, the best advantage is that the mobile antivirus is totally free. It’s a great way to expand your market presence. As far as mobile security in Android is concerned, this tool guarantees protection in the cloud, without interfering with the functions of the device.

It is necessary to add that this application consumes little battery of the mobile. This application is capable of capturing 99% of viruses through its scanning engines. In addition, the storage is light, this is due to the use of cloud services.

This is why the storage of viruses and signatures takes place online. You can download this new tool from the Play Store or directly from Bitdefender. Definitely an excellent mobile security option on Android.

CM Security

CM Security is one of the most effective tools for mobile security in Android and for this reason it has remained at the top of the ranking in recent years. This tool is quite reliable and simple to use.

CM Security for Android today has at least 50 million installations, a pretty interesting figure for an Android mobile security tool.

By opting for this application you will have the possibility to use its powerful antivirus, which is fully capable of blocking many Trojans, viruses and malware that are on the network.

Another excellent feature of CM Security is the blocking of apps, the tool through a password encryption or with the use of patterns, excess applications and social networks with personal data inside the mobile.

CM Security is excellent for cleaning mobile device memory. If you want you can do the cleaning instantly, you can also schedule the cleaning daily or by dates and thus optimize the space available in the device.

We must also highlight in this application the scanner for the analysis of data inside removable memory card, eliminating in turn, all kinds of threats that are inside this type of cards.

This complete program performs an analysis of the applications inside the mobile, shows the status of each of them and indicates which of the applications should be uninstalled or removed.

Malwarebytes Anti-malware

Most users prefer this application for mobile security on Android. Mainly because it is a very useful, lightweight program and you can use it easily.

In addition, the app focuses on malware, spyware and also acts as an excellent antivirus. Malwarebytes Anti-malware is an excellent tool that will probably be of interest to you.

The application is perfect for users of older mobiles or for those with few resources to make the installation of another program heavier. The best guarantee for this application is the 50 million installations on Android mobile devices.

It is widely used in Windows, for this reason the developers decided to offer a version for Android in order to protect users, in the same way that coordinators are protected.

It has also been an excellent strategy to expand the product’s presence on other new platforms. The best thing about this application is that it is totally free and you can keep your mobiles safe and clean, thanks to this application you can avoid the installation of any malware.

This app can detect, scan and delete from the system any malware; protecting the entry to your personal information, it is also able to find in the system configuration certain vulnerabilities and provide appropriate solutions, point out and inform about the permissions of the installed apps.

When the application is consuming a lot of resources, you can deactivate or activate some functions to operate lighter and faster. After the installation of this application, to use it the process is very simple. You will find three buttons on the main screen: application manager, privacy manager and scan now.

Antivirus and Mobile Security by Trust

This is another of the tools for mobile security in Android preferred by many users. The applications is a good professional antivirus tool for free.

TrustGo stands out for including one of the most powerful engines for scanning viruses, making it easy to quickly find malicious apps that can steal private information or transport viruses to your mobile device.

TrustGo is also excellent for the protection of private information, an aspect that most users consider quite positive. Currently this application has millions of installations in different mobile equipment.

Without a doubt this application one of the best tools for mobile security in Android the low consumption of resources, its powerful engine and the excellent geolocation functions for the device in case of theft or loss, are very significant advantages.

The excellent antivirus engine of this application is capable of intercepting all types of malware and protects your device from the dangers of the Internet in real time.

I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the scanning speed. Not forgetting that this application has low impact on the battery and does not affect the operation of the mobile.

TrustGo has an intuitive interface and you can access all its functions through the main menu. Definitely this application is perfect for all types of users, from the most demanding to users unfamiliar with the technology.

You can protect your mobile device completely, it’s a high-level solution for your Android, choosing this application is a wise decision.

Although the application is entirely in English it is very easy to use, you can make backups and lock your device remotely in case of loss or theft. As you can see the functions offered by this application are excellent, do not require root to work and is free.

360 Security Antivirus Boost

360 Security antivirus Boost is one of the preferred antivirus for Android. This application has a large number of installations. Leads most mobile security programs for Android. For this reason, most users agree that this application is really a real gem.

It incorporates an antimalware function, also offers multiple features and functions to quickly scan your mobile device.

In addition, this tool includes a superb antivirus database which is updated in real time in the cloud, significantly increasing protection against emerging viruses, malware and Trojans.

360 Security also includes the “Boost” function, excellent for intelligent management when using the memory of the mobile and thus ensure optimal performance.

This app also allows you to keep your device free of junk information and viruses, through the antivirus database, which is updated in real time. Through its Boost function you can manage the memory of the mobile device for its correct operation.

This application is not only a traditional antivirus, as it has different features that place it at one of the highest levels. Within its characteristics we can highlight:

  • 360 Security is an excellent tool for tracking mobile devices, allows you to recover lost equipment.
  • It is an app that protects your privacy, including received SMS and contact list.
  • Effectively manages the use of application data (data monitor).
  • Allows filtering SMS and calls, also blocks calls and unwanted messages.
  • Through scanning it is possible to identify if there is any software or virus that can damage the proper functioning of the mobile device, you simply need to click on the “Scan” option.
  • In addition, it has the option of web protection, which requires enabling it to safeguard your mobile when surfing.
  • For the proper functioning of this application it is necessary to activate it and allow it to enter the usage information.
  • An excellent option in this tool is the option to drive, through this function is possible to free memory and thus, the operating system will use efficiently the battery.

Generally speaking, these are some of the most effective tools for mobile security in Android. It is of great importance to maintain this type of programs in our devices, to take better advantage of their functions is required to upgrade to the latest version.

This way you can avoid recent threats that may affect the proper functioning of your device.

In addition to antivirus, common sense is essential. You should know that the mining of crypto coins is one of the main threats today, most of the time require the user to interact for its operation. For this reason, we suggest that you stay alert at all times.

Choose the mobile security tool for Android that best suits your requirements and preferences included in this section, we are sure that are the best options to protect your device.

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