Easy guide to choosing an Android TV

Easy guide to choosing an Android TV

At this time one of the best ways to enjoy some services on television, is through Android TV. Although this great service has been on the market for some time, it has only been quite popular for several years, we recommend this guide so you can choose the best Android TV.

Google has not only made an adaptation of Android, to transform it into an excellent operating system especially for televisions, also thought of an excellent way to bring entertainment and connectivity to different devices, which previously had no such functions.

For this reason a new Android device has been created, whose operation is autonomous and allows to enter in a simple way to all the entertainment, simply by connecting it to different kinds of screen. That’s when Smart TV Boxes or Android TV Boxes are born.

When we refer to an Android TV, we usually have some doubts because its name can be somewhat confusing.

This is due to the fact that Android’s external multimedia equipment and the platform for Smart TV integrated in televisions that is based on Android, have the same denomination, that is to say; all the devices are Android TV. In this case there is a detail in the surname so to speak, which perfectly identifies its use: Box.

The Smart TV Box or Android TV Box are computers that have in an Android TV box, so that you can make the connection to different HDMI screens and unwrap the functions, instead if the device is only Android TV.

Inside the TV is installed the system, which is responsible for managing directly, the platform with all multimedia content without adding another device.

Here we show you in a simple way what is Android TV, in addition to its functions and how to find this system. Plus, here’s why these Android TV Box devices have revolutionized the entertainment market.

What is Android TV and what is it for?

Basically is a television service that is based on Android, operating system installed on smartphones and Tablet, but with some modifications to make it more comfortable to use in devices that have touch screen, such as a television or monitor.

When you connect an Android TV Box to a TV or monitor that does not have Smart TV functionality, the service simply participates as a bridge for you to have access to all connected functions.

Thanks to Android TV Box you can install applications that are in Google Play, so you can enjoy the best series or Netflix programs or any video on YouTube, after connecting your TV to the Internet.

We can add that Android TV concentrates more than apps, it also serves to visualize videos through streaming.

Android TV is a complete operating system specially optimized for televisions, which allows to install easily on the device, applications as well as on the smartphone.

In general, Android TV is based on the latest version of Android that is available at the moment, be it Pie, Oreo, Nougat, among others. The best thing about Android TV is that it has an interface especially for use from a keyboard and mouse or remote control.

Without forgetting that the processing of all the information is done directly in the System on Chip (SoC), which is located on the base plate of the Android TV Box or TV. In short, Android TV is like adjusting the motherboard of a mobile device to the TV.

What do you need to enjoy Android TV?

Now that you understand that it’s an Android TV, it’s time to determine what you need to have on your Android TV.

We must tell you that it is not necessary that you look for the way to install in your Smart Tv, Android TV since the same one has it installed of manufacture. reason why its direct installation cannot be done.

Similarly, you have some options if you want to have on Android TV. The fastest way is to connect a Chromecast to your TV.

It is the most economical solution to enjoy the advantages of Android TV on a TV that does not have the Smart TV platform. This is because all the connectivity work remains on the tablet hardware or mobile, which is responsible for sending the data to Chromecast.

From there through HDMI, the multimedia material can be seen on television. It is simply required to connect to the mobile Wifi network, the Chromecast. There, you can start enjoying the best series of the moment.

While Chromecast is the easiest way to transform a traditional TV into a Smart Tv platform, you may not have the best experience because you won’t have access to the many features that Android TV has for you. That’s why you can choose some of the options that we show in detail.

Android TV Player

A form of competition by Google against Apple TV was the Nexus Player, becoming the first box, with the ability to carry televisions (other than a Smart TV) Android TV. Through a device of this type, such as My Box a proposal by Xiaomi, you can transform your TV into a Smart TV.

Nvidia Shield TV

You can also opt for Nvidia, an excellent player to have Android TV, also you will have the opportunity to enjoy some games in streaming (cancelling the subscription).

Android TV

Currently, we can find some manufacturers that have decided to bet on Android TV for the management of its Smart TV platform. The manufacturers include Philips, Sony and Sharp, each of which decided to opt for Android TV.

This is the easiest way to enjoy each of the advantages offered by Android Tv, since it is integrated into the TV and you do not need to purchase an additional device, nor occupy an additional HDMI.

You must also have at hand a cable and Internet to connect it to the TV, in the same way you can also make the connection through Wifi.

For this reason, the most recommended is to have a good broadband connection and that the television is well located.

It is the best way to ensure that the signal arrives correctly and that the streaming content does not suffer low resolution or cuts, as you well know this type of details are quite unpleasant in 4K and Full HD screens.

Google on TV

We could see that through Chromecast it is possible to have an experience quite close to that of the Android TV operating system, although it cannot be compared, mainly because in Chromecast: it is the terminal that has the applications and information.

The device in charge of transmitting the data to the television is Chromecast. In Android TV, on the other hand, it’s the system that takes care of everything.

That is to say, you don’t need to have a Smart with Android in order to enjoy Android Tv, you only need a Google account and a TV with Android TV.

After you start your TV and connect it to the Internet, as in the initial configuration of mobile devices, you are prompted to add the user along with the Google password.

After fulfilling this, you can have a variety of applications that are pre-installed and use them, there are even some applications that can be downloaded, to start enjoying the best entertainment on a smart TV with Android TV operating system.

Games and apps on Android TV

This guide would be incomplete if we don’t include a fairly interesting option: you can install the best applications and games on your Android TV Box or Android TV.

As you well know, Android strengthens every day in the gaming platform, which is why we can find countless games that it is possible to install on the TV with Android TV Box.

The interest in playing on Android is growing, for this reason companies consider this section of utmost importance, we can see daily that it is possible to find excellent games on mobile devices.

It provides two interesting options to enjoy the best video games on TV: you can directly install games compatible with the Android TV; also do the installation of the game on the mobile terminal, running it from there and transferring the image to your TV.

You can also connect different types of game controllers to your mobile phone or TV, similar to the games you have on consoles, so that you can enjoy your favourite games on TV without using the console.

Thanks to the Android operating system, it is possible to install other kinds of applications that are not within the Google Store.

In this case you need an APK file to install the app, plus a file explorer. Without forgetting that it is necessary to activate unknown sources on TV. As you can see the process is similar to the one you do on the mobile terminal.

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