Choose the best GPS location application

Choose the best GPS location application

Mobile devices, like computers, include certain components that we use most of the time and other components that we rarely use. Possibly, GPS is one of those little-used components inside the mobile device.

For this reason, we offer you some GPS location applications so that you can get the most out of their functions. We can add the following: although most applications are configured to avoid high battery consumption, the apps that use GPS are usually the highly draining ones.

It is for this reason that the most advisable thing is to be attentive in the battery consumption of a GPS location application, mainly those applications of traffic and people location.

You should know that geolocation, when used correctly, can serve as a support for solving different problems in everyday life, such as, for example: finding the car in a car park or having maps on the mobile device.

It is also possible to use geolocation to play online and meet new friends. Let’s look at some excellent options below so you can choose the right GPS location application for you.


This GPS location application has maps of hundreds of countries without connection, it is possible to view the maps in 3D, a function that is truly new.

By placing the intelligent device under the windscreen, at night the indications and directions will be reflected, it is possible to visualize them in a similar way to a hologram.

This novel application is quite similar to the common GPS in cars. You can calculate the best route, notify where there are traffic lights and fixed radars, as well as avoid tolls, among other functions.

Sygic also has data related to points of interest and gas stations. In addition, it includes TomTom maps and it is possible to project the screen onto the windscreen through a kind of HUD (although the results are not standard, the projection will depend on the type of windscreen, the time of day and the brightness of the screen).


It is an application that has one of the largest social communities for traffic control.

Waze offers the best information in real time, thanks to the interaction between the millions of users of this app as they drive. So you won’t have any trouble knowing about traffic anywhere.

The GPS location application Waze, allows voice guided navigation, is able to learn the different destinations, maps are kept updated. You can also add friends so they can interact through this app.

Waze is an application that is part of Google and is considered one of the most efficient GPS browsers on Android.

It is the ideal application for people who like to keep informed in real time of the state of traffic, information that is provided through comments and opinions of all members of this great platform.

In addition, we must emphasize that this GPS location application has a very original design, incorporating excellent functions that it is not possible to find in other similar tools. You can access this application free of charge.

GPX Viewer and Wiloc, for viewing and recording routes

Although both applications were created for different purposes, we can point out that both offer a more convenient way to record routes and view maps in different formats.

Regarding the GPS location application Wikiloc, it is mainly an app that can be enjoyed outdoors. One of its best attributes is that it makes it easier to choose different activities and adjust the way the application logs routes.

Then, this log of routes serves to share them with the rest of users of the app, depending on the activity chosen.

It is not mandatory to share the routes, you can simply store them on the mobile device and make any query when you want. Wikiloc is a very lightweight application and quite simple to use.

Now we are going to refer to the GPX Viewer application besides registering routes, it allows to observe routes and maps that have been registered with this or other applications.

It is compatible with different online services and allows reading KML, KMZ, GPX and LOC files. The main advantage of this application is that it allows combining different routes on a map, making notes, differentiating them with colors, comparing data between routes: heart rate, speed, altitude or other important data.


Maps.Me is another option that may interest you, the GPS location application is completely free and you can use it without Internet connection. You can enjoy free, detailed and fast maps without having to connect to the Internet.

We can assure that this application is one of the best navigators with offline GPS and the preferred one by the majority of users.

You need to download the map of the area where you are to use this application. After that the app works just like a normal GPS.

They have even agreed with Uber and, allowing you to book a car overnight from the same map.

If you prefer you can choose a route by car, bicycle or simply walking. It also provides traffic-related information. Download this GPS location application on your mobile and take advantage of all the advantages it offers.


This app allows the use of the GPS of your Android device and you can also travel to any region of the world, no Internet connection is required. This is because Be-On-Road allows you to download the maps before you leave on your journey.

In addition to downloading maps of many countries, including the United States, you can also download and choose at least 30 different voices. You can choose voices in English, Spanish, Italian or Bengali.

Another feature that may interest you in this application: allows activation to view buildings in 3D, you can also receive notifications related to speed limits, in some countries you can see fixed radars, among others.

Ben-On-Road is a pretty complete app, you can enjoy the right GPS on your Android device. Don’t worry if you no longer have mobile data before arriving at the destination, thanks to offline you will be able to do so.

You can significantly save fuel simply by getting to your destination via shorter roads and all thanks to Be-On-Road. You can drive safely through the night and let the application be your guide. This application is available for Android terminals on the Google Play Store.

Here Wego

By downloading this GPS location application, you can easily move across the width and length of different cities where you are, you can have everything in one place. The only thing you have to contribute is the environment, be it car, bicycle train, among others.

Calculate your route using Here Wego, so you can reach your destination quickly.

The application has your integrated guide, follow the instructions of the voice guide until you reach your destination. Thanks to Here Wego you can get anywhere without getting lost.

In addition, you constantly receive updates in real time, in case something happens along the way, so that you can easily modify the route.

You can use this app without having to connect to the Internet. Whenever you want you can download this new application for free at the Google Play Store.


After testing the advantages of this GPS location application, you will agree that it is one of the best navigators and allies in your journey. Copilot is an application that facilitates safe navigation in your car, without any complications.

You can download maps offline and plan your trips, you can also receive traffic alerts or simply to reach any destination.

If you already have preferred routes and paths, the application allows you to customize it. You’ll never get lost, thanks to offline maps. It has never been easier to reach any destination efficiently, quickly, without bottlenecks or delays.

The best thing about this GPS tracking application is that you can download it for free directly from Google Play.

Map Factor

It is an app to navigate door to door, is perfect for use on your Tablet or Android smartphone. The application is based on information from the OpenStreetMap project.

Because all maps are installed directly on a memory card, you can use navigation without having to connect to the Internet. You can access all updates of the application and its maps on a monthly basis at no cost.

Among the main features of Facto Map we can highlight the following: includes modes for freight vehicles, for cars or pedestrians, you can add your favorite points, it is possible to block certain streets to perform the calculation of a route.

The application also includes remote commands, which allow you to send the new destination remotely or directly to the navigation.

You can also purchase professional TomTom maps, blue traffic signal assistants and road lanes. You can perform any search efficiently and with more precise routes.

If you were looking for a free GPS location application for Android, as you could see you can access different options with features that can simplify your daily activities. mainly when it comes to organizing routes, going on a trip, among others.

Try any of the options we’ve detailed and safely choose one of these technology solutions.

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