5 platforms to easily make Android applications

5 platforms to easily make Android applications

Today we can say that there is an application for almost everything, ie literally there is a mobile app for every type of business, problem or activity.

Although creating applications and getting the download seems to be a complicated job, especially for those with little knowledge of design and development.

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t know about application design and development, we can easily help you solve this problem.

For this reason, we have chosen the five most popular platforms for you to learn how to make an Android application online, easily and at no additional cost.

1. Mobincube

It is an excellent platform to make a native online Android application for mobile devices, you can also make apps for phones with other operating systems (such as Windows and iOS).

Through Mobincube you will have the possibility of obtaining money through your applications. It also has an integrated monetisation function, which you can activate without any problem.

This platform to make an online Android application also allows (with certain limitations in functionality) to develop unlimited applications for free.

Mobincube has Google Analytics natively and Google Maps, in addition to automatic notifications, facilitating the insertion at the time of creating the application. The interface may seem unattractive at first, but it offers interesting features.

Mobincube platform to make Android application

Additional Mobincube features

Among the main extra features included in Mobincube include: audio and video transmission, support for mobile store, databases and web embeds. You can also add code to insert custom functions.

Mobincube is an excellent platform to make your Android application online especially if you are someone with little budget, you do not know everything about programming, you are a user with businesses that want to develop your own application, just start in the business of applications and want to earn money through advertising.

What applications can you make on Mobincube?

It is possible to make applications specially designed for information: applications for professional businesses, educational applications, leisure guides, tutorial applications, tourist guides, apps that include recipes, dietetic applications, video game guides, multimedia galleries, sports applications and online radios.

If you are a user who has some knowledge in development, you can also make an online Android application of this type: user interaction, collaboration modules, user registration and comment panels.

What apps can’t I make with Mobincube?

Possibly if you can’t make an Android application online, it’s because you don’t know anything about programming. There are no native level options for this kind of applications, because they require more advanced programming codes.

Social network applications such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook; chat apps such as WhatsApp; applications that use a camera to take photos, share them and upload them; that require opening the flashlight function or Bluetooth device, among others.

These are some of the most complex applications that require extensive programming knowledge

In general, Mobincube is very useful when you want to make a simple online Android application, if you are a novice user is a good option for you, but if you are an advanced user probably do not require the use of this platform.

2. Dropsource

It’s another innovative solution you can choose to make a native Android application online, using directly the browser.

Dropsource has different tools that you can use in the development process, you can also access a documentation that serves as support at the beginning.

In short, we can say that in choosing this innovative solution you will certainly not need another tool to review, design, test, develop and publish the apps. This is why Dropsource differs from the platform described above.

Main functions of Dropsource

Within the functionalities it offers: solid user interface editor, drag and drop that supports the creation of an online Android application with native aspects. If you wish you can integrate information into the application using API REST.

After finishing, you can do the construction and test the app in the emulator and then share it and get feedback. Once the app is ready, you can publish the code or download it directly from the Google Play Store.

A disadvantage of Dropsource: if you want to make an online Android application and one for iOS, it will be necessary to develop different projects.

You can’t publish the app or download the source code in the free option. But, if you are fast enough to make an Android explanation online in the 30-day trial time, you will be able to download the application.

3. Thunkable

Another excellent option in the cloud is Thunkable, another solution for creating a native online Android app and also for mobile apps for iOS.

Thunkable offers a quite attractive interface and in that it differs significantly from Mobincube’s interface; but with respect to the features compared to Mobincube, they are smaller.

We must add that this solution is not compatible to make apps for Windows Phone. It’s also a good option for monetizing and creating apps that look great.

Although this platform is not as well established as Mobincube, the documentation offered is excellent, also offers tutorial videos that will serve as support for you to start using this great platform.

Characteristics of this platform

Thunkable’s features include support for voice and image recognition, modern interface elements, some databases, Google Maps, Admob and IoT.

If you want you can test the applications in real time, using an emulator or the mobile device, after finishing creating the application is possible to download and publish it manually.

The projects carried out in Thunkable as well as in Dropsource depend on the tool. This means the following: if you want to make an Android application online and also an app for iOS, you need to make and work separately on two projects.

Some advantages of Thunkable

The main advantage of Thunkable is that it can be used by those who start developing applications in Android, since the process to make the applications is quite simple.

You simply need to configure the appearance, add the different elements to the interface, schedule events and actions in the block editor, i.e. you just need to drag and drop.

If you are a user of MIT App Inventor you can easily export your projects to this platform, you will not have any problem, since the management is the same. In addition, there are few aesthetic differences between the two platforms.

In addition, Thunkable includes a new category with the name “Visualization“, here you will find Google maps and thus, integrate them seamlessly to any application created.

A detail, to make an Android application online using this platform, allows to upload it to Google Play and other markets of apps for Android.

4. AppsGeyser

One of the oldest manufacturers of mobile apps is AppsGeyser and you don’t need coding knowledge.

AppsGeyser is less positive and functional than the previous options. In addition, there is no support for creating iOS apps and it is more appropriate for assembling web content into apps.

If you are looking to make a beautiful Android application online, AppsGeyser is definitely not your best solution, you can choose better Dropsource or Thunkable, for example. But if you’re looking to quickly make a mobile app for your website, then your best option is AppsGeyser.

Choose AppsGeyser and take advantage of its functionalities

Here you will find a wide variety of app templates for you to start building your application easily and the process is done directly in the browser.

You can add web content, send pop-up notifications, use HTML5 functions, add analytical and sharing functions, geolocation functions, among others.

You can also test or view the app in the browser, as well as monetize it (displaying ads). After the application is ready for distribution, you can manually submit it to the Google Play Store.

In general terms, we could say that this application creation tool is quite complete and one of the best on the market.

Basically because it has several customization modules to make app is of any kind, using the fully customized web browser to play the well-known fidget spinners, classic crossword puzzles, online radios or multimedia players, in the free option.

5. Andromo

Last but not least, you can opt for Andromo, one of the best known creators of Android mobile apps.

The most interesting aspect of Andromo is that the applications created by default are multilingual, with support for at least 20 different languages. This great feature is not possible to find in the platforms described above, to make an Android application online.

Functions of Andromo

Within the functions of this creator of mobile applications, we can emphasize that it offers multiple templates and integrated functions, which you can easily add in any of your applications.

It also includes support for integrating Twitter, Facebook YouTube and Flickr; audio player, radio player and podcast, support for adding content from a web page, RSS and PDF support, among others.

In addition, Andromo also includes important elements, such as photo gallery and contact details.

You only have to bear in mind that this platform allows you to make an application for Android online in your free plan, nor is it possible to monetize or disable ads.

After the app is created, it can be published in the Google Play Store, as well as in other app stores. If you choose a premium plan you can monetize the application.

Come and make the best application for Android online, with some of the platforms that we show you in detail.

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