4 Android application builders you should know about

4 Android application builders you should know about

Previously it was unthinkable for a mobile device to have other functions beyond just making calls and receiving messages. But today, the functions of a mobile device have expanded significantly, thanks to the creation of applications, which have become an essential part of our lives.

They can be used as entertainment, to manage a business, to organize us, to keep us informed, among others. Most professionals and companies have understood how important it is to have a quality mobile app, as an excellent sales channel and to communicate with customers directly.

Thanks to all the changes in this aspect, have emerged excellent tools to create applications easily, now anyone can build an application and take it in a few hours to Google Play. No need to be a professional programmer and no need to program codes.

Get to know 3 of the best tools for creating apps and choose the Android application builder that offers the most advantages.

Choosing the right Android app builder

In recent years have become significantly popular such tools, which is why we can find in the market a wide variety of tools of this type, for Android and also for iOS.

This complicates the choice a little and it is very easy to confuse between so many options to choose the best support to create a successful app.

To help you make the best decision we prepared a list that includes the main app builders on the market, based on simplicity of use, quality and prices. These tools may not be perfect, but their performance is excellent and worth choosing from.

In each of these magnificent options, we highlight the fundamental aspects of each tool and in this way, your decision will be quicker and easier.

In addition, each of these tools is cloud-based. This means that you don’t need to download or install it. You can also use it on the device of your choice no matter where you are, as long as you have Internet access.

1.      Thunkable

Thunkable was created by professionals with extensive experience developing didactic programs easy to learn, which is why Thunkable can be used by any user.

Thunkable has had an excellent participation in the construction of LEGO Mindstorms and Scartch. The two tools, although they were created for different purposes, both have been organized so that adults and children learn in an entertaining way everything related to the logic of programming.

If you’re a LEGO fan, Thunkable is definitely the perfect application builder for you. You will have the opportunity to give your application the functionality, literally how LEGO pieces are assembled.

Based on this premise, this tool has generated a quite novel block language. Through Thunkable you can add to your application the type of functionality, using simple logic: if this happens, do that. By joining the pieces together, you can make the application do what you need.

For example, if a part fits into another part, this means that the functions are compatible. But if the blocks don’t fit, you need to find another compatible part. Similar to building LEGO blocks.

A tool for creating apps to try out

This simple way to create apps has made this Android application builder one of the tools preferred by many users in the market. In addition, it allows the generation of totally native apps for either the Android or iOS operating systems; unlike other similar tools that generate hybrid web apps.

For this reason, applications created with Thunkable can work without connecting to the web and using specific hardware features, such as NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.

Another advantage of this Android application builder is that it has different pre-designed templates. If one of these templates with your idea, only requires editing to adapt to your requirements, thanks to the use of these pre-designed templates you can save work in time.

As far as prices are concerned, in this tool the initial plans are free in public projects and as far as private projects are concerned, it is necessary to cancel a quota. Regardless of which option you choose is free or paid, with both versions the creation of applications is unlimited.

2.      AppyPie

Secondly, we have another excellent Android app builder and one of the favorites in the market. To date, users have come to create countless applications since AppyPie went live in 2014.

Although this Android app builder doesn’t have a language like Thunkable’s, it includes a good drag and drop editor, which doesn’t need programming and you can use it without problems.

AppyPie allows to visualize in real time, the way in which the application will be shown, either in tablets or in mobile devices. In this way, you can give your users an unforgettable experience through the application.

If you want you can also create hybrid apps in HTML5 for Android, progressive web application (PWA) or iOS. One of the most powerful aspects of AppyPie is the excellent number of pre-designed projects and templates, completely ready to use.

Create different apps with AppyPie

For example, with this Android application builder it is possible to create applications for health care, various games, taxis, radio stations, messaging, appointments, augmented reality, CMR, restaurants, among others.

That’s why we’re sure you’ll find the template that best fits your idea. If you want you can send push notifications divided geographically and also send emails to certain users.

AppyPie also allows to integrate feeds belonging to blogs, social networks, audio, websites, location tracking, GPS, radio, among others.

You also have the option to create your online store, you have two options either linking an existing online store or create it from scratch. In addition, it includes support for different platforms, for example: Amazon, eBay, Shopify or Etsy.

If you wish you can also receive online payments via credit cards and PayPal. As for the plans of this Android app builder you can start with some free plan with ads.

3.      BuildFire

Currently, at least 30,000 companies use this Android application builder. It’s probably due to the no code approach and also to its simple click and edit platform.

You don’t need much time to create the mobile application you want, although it takes little time to create the application is possible to integrate loyalty programs, social networks, e-commerce functions, mobile shopping, etc..

When you start designing the app with this Android app builder, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of pre-designed templates for restaurants, industries, e-commerce, real estate and more.

Original templates and various features in BuildFire

You may notice that some of the templates are quite original and you won’t be able to find them in another similar Android application builder. For example, you can choose some news about sports teams, stockbrokers or amusement parks.

In addition, it is possible to integrate with various programs, including user chats, shopping carts, among others.

This excellent tool also has SMART Push and Select Push, whose reading rate is quite high, this way you will be more sure that the contents or campaigns will be visualized by the users of the application.

BuildFire allows to link the app with the content of the web page, show live content, create subscription channels. The apps generated by this Android application builder are also compatible with iOS and PWA.

You can try some of its functionalities in the free option or choose one of the monthly paid plans.

4.      GoodBarber

This excellent Android application builder focuses primarily on design. GoodBarber offers functionalities that allow different users to generate different applications with elegant, attractive and excellent performance aspects.

GoodBarber is a tool widely used by various organizations and projects, including radio stations, local businesses, non-profit organizations, magazines, among others. Through the use of this tool you can create native apps for Android, iOS and PWA.

Within the incredible features of Android application builder, we can point out that it has at least 300 features of all kinds, for example: calendars, social networks, news-articles, audios and videos, photos, live events, loyalty rewards, e-commerce, user chat, and so on.

Tool to build more complete Android apps

For this reason, GoodBarber is one of the most complete tools for creating applications on the market. In the most recent update, GoodBarber allows you to transform your website into a progressive web app, including responsive design and SEO descriptions for different browsers.

GoodBarber also allows you to transform application users into collaborators, send unique push notifications; making it easier to send photos, articles and videos.

Normally allows to choose different designs for each section, in combination with some of the different templates available, GoodBarber generates an excellent utility in the design of the app, whose results in the creations are truly original.

If your application is managed by a work team, the tool offers the option of adding another person to the project, making an invitation via email.

You can also customize each person’s accesses, to make sure they simply use the previously configured zones.

You can access the 30-day trial option or choose one of the monthly plans offered by GoodBarber.

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