Offline maps for your Android

Hello everyone! Now I’m going to talk about this amazing FREE app, Maps.Me: Offline maps and Travel Navigation, you can install this Free app on your Android Devices, just look for it on the Google Play Store.

Maps Me after Installation

After installation you have to allow Maps Me access to storage (Download and use free maps) and location (Use GPS navigation). Once you grant access, the app starts to download maps according to your location.

Maps Me main screen shows the following options:

Maps Me Options
  1. Map layers: Traffic data and subway map (available according to your location).
  2. Search for a specific location or choose locations according to shown categories (Where to eat, Hotel, Groceries, Sights, WiFi, Transport, Gas Station, Parking, Shopping and ATM).
  3. Plan a route: You have to add a destination according to a specific location of your interest.
  4. Discover nearby: Shows locations and local guides near your current position.
  5. Bookmarks and guides: You can download routes and places created by Maps Me users and you can see your bookmarks list. To add a bookmark, just tap a place on the map and then tap the star icon.
  6. Options menu: You can add a place to the map, download guides, download offline maps and modify the app settings.
  7. Show the map in your real location.
  8. Zoom options.
Locations according to shown categories – Discover nearby

How to trace routes to different locations with Maps Me?

To trace a route to a specific location you have to follow the next steps:

  1. Tap a specific location on the map; you can save that point on your bookmarks if you want.
  2. Tap “Route From” or “Route to” in the pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen. You can trace routes from two different points; you do not need to start from your real location
  3. Choose a transport mode: Driving a car, walking, railway, bicycle or taxi. The app will trace a route and show the distance and arrival time, now tap start button.
trace routes to different locations with Maps Me

The Maps Me app will guide you along the route from the moment you start moving until you arrive.

Remember you need an internet connection for downloading maps, guides and display detailed information about places.

The best of Maps Me and its offline maps

Well, I use this application mainly for long distance travels; first, I make sure to download the maps I need, because the internet connection is limited when I’m driving on the way.

The best things about this app:

It’s easy to use, has a simple and intuitive interface, just download a map (it has maps from around the world) and use it the way you want.

Maps Me is a free app, it does not show invasive ads, if you want you can pay an amount of money to remove the ads.

It is useful for travelers and tourists, offline maps show most important places of a certain location.

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