Security camera app for your Android device

There are several security camera apps for your android device; one of the most popular app is Alfred: Home Security Camera, this android App turns your android device into a security camera. This app is easy to use; you only need two android devices connected to the internet.

My first impression about this Wifi camera app

When you open the app for the first time, simple instructions are shown to help you set up your android devices:

Security camera app instructions

1. You have to install Alfred on two Android Devices:

  • Your personal phone (Connected to mobile network internet or Wi-Fi network internet)
  • An old phone that will work as a security Wi-Fi camera (Better connected to a Wi-Fi internet network)

2. You need a Gmail Account; you have to sign into both devices.

3. You have to set your personal device as the viewer, and the old device as the security camera.

Set up your Android Device

Once you have the security camera properly configured and located, it will live stream everything that happens around directly to your personal device. Important Advice: as much as possible you must have both devices connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Viewer screen

You can see on your personal device the name of the security camera, battery status, network status of the network and the recording files. You can also transmit sounds to the security camera or record an event whenever you want.

The best features of this security camera app

Motion Detection: This option can be enabled or disabled; it is recommended to have this option enabled, the security camera will record video and sounds when there is movement nearby. The recording files will be sent to you personal device.

The app will show a notification on the personal device when you receive a recording file. You can download or share the recording files, these files are stored in the memory for a short time.

Security camera is moving

Important: The motion detection is paused, as camera is moving.

Save power: You can tap this option on the security camera; it will lock and turn off the screen but the live stream continues.

Save power

View on computer: Also, you can watch the live stream on your computer; you have to sign in to the Alfred Webviewer with your Google account.

View on computer

The free version of this security camera app shows advertisement on the top of the screen and pop ups ads; even so the app is fully functional.

The paid version of this security camera app has the following advantages:

Paid version of Alfred
  • HD viewing and recording
  • Zoom in the camera
  • Record longer video events
  • Motion detection schedule
  • No more ads
  • More storage space

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