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Hello every one, I want to share with you this amazing website:, This is a free ONLINE App Builder for Android and iOS (Drag and Drop Mobile app Builder), its intuitive and easy to use, practically you don’t need a great knowledge of programming. You just need a little common sense. You can create your app for free with this amazing tool.

Create your app

I personally made many android apps, and I can tell you that you do not need any knowledge of programming codes. This website says that you are capable to create your own apps by dragging and dropping your favorite components and connecting them together with blocks. Let’s take a look to the features of this amazing web.

First, you must login with your Google or Facebook account, and then you can use the web app builder that look like this:

User Interface

To start with, the creation of apps, you must click on “Create New App” and write the new project’s name then you have to choose between a public or private project. Public projects are open to the Thunkable community to be viewed, shared or remixed / Private projects are only viewable and accessible to their creator so you have to upgrade your account to PRO.

your first app

How to create your app for free?

Let’s take a look at the following image of the app creator:

thunkable interface

1. The design view: Here you can make your app visually, dragging and dropping the components you need to the design screen, you can sort and edit them in your own way. You can also edit the options of each individual component.

2. The blocks view: Every component has its own set of blocks to start or trigger an event and set and change properties. They can be connected to a commonly used set of blocks that range from opening screens, setting up logic, reformatting data or simplifying code.

Block editor

3. Some of the components you can use are:

User interface

  • Button
  • Label
  • Text input
  • List viewer
  • Web viewer
  • Switch
  • Slider
  • Alert
  • Loading icon


  • Top tab navigator
  • Bottom tab navigator
  • Stack navigator
  • Drawer navigator
  • Screen
  • Row
  • Column


  • Sound
  • Text to speech
  • Speech recognizer
  • Assistant
  • Translator


  • Image
  • Photo library
  • Camera
  • Image recognizer
  • Animation


  • Local storage
  • Local DB
  • Realtime DB
  • Spreadsheet
  • Web API
  • Media DB
  • Smart Contract
  • Blockchain wallet


  • Map
  • Location Sensor


  • Timer
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetometer


  • Share
  • Push Notification


  • Sign in


  • Payment
  • AdMob Interstitial
  • Rewarded Video AdMob
  • AdMob Banner

4. This is a preview of the app graphic interface. Here you can drop the components your need, you can move them, change their size, color, text style. The entire visual edition you need.

5. In this palette, you can edit individual options of each component that you have used.

6. In this section, you can test, build and download your finished app. some of the options are:

  • Live Test
  • Share your project
  • Make copy of your actual project
  • Download your App
  • Publish your App
  • Help: You can find useful documentation and many Thunkable tutorials

The best thing about this new Thunkable platform (Cross Platform) is once you have created your app, you can build the iOS version and the android version from the same project. Although, you can publish your app to Google Play or App Store.

I hope you liked this post, for me, Thunkable is the best app creator online. It is very easy to use for people who do not know programming code, has an intuitive and easy to understand interface. I read somewhere on Thunkable website: An app is simply a sequence of events, so enjoy this application builder

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